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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, January 13, 2013

meet martha

Blame it on the weather, or the mild case of the crazies we are all experiencing, or the the post-holiday slums, or whatever it may be, but we decided one day that two guinea pigs just wasn't enough.

Nope, we needed more.  And the cheapest way to get more guinea pigs, was to buy a girl. (we have two boys).  I will let you put the pieces together.

So, I hopped on KSL and began the search.  Finding a guinea pig on KSL is no small thing.  They sell so fast, you literally have to catch them within hours of being posted, or you are out of luck.

It took me three days to find her, but I finally got ahold of someone who still had the pig around. 

She is the cutest, most poofy, guinea pig I have ever seen.  She is adorable!
The two pigs we already have are named Oreo and Cinnamon. 
We decided that this one looks like a big puffy marshmallow, so we named her Marsha.

At first we just put all of the guinea pigs together, to get to know eachother.  Marsh was brought in via a grand carriage ride. Thank you Mary.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I sure wasn't expecting the insane hormone raging, testosterone battle of the century that ensued between Oreo and Cinnamon.  Poor Marsha didn't even know what hit her.  It was a big bum smelling festival followed by some other things, that had my kids spouting out questions faster than you can say sex-ed.

I quickly scooped up all three guinea pigs and separated them into their cages.  Boys in one, Marsha in the other.

They have gotten better since then, and the kids LOVE have all three to play with now.  I still try to only have one boy out with Martha at a time though. Geesh!

Can anyone say guinea pig breeding!

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Colleen said...

HAHAHAHA! Facts of life 101! What cute little fuzzballs. :)