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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

One Year Older and Better Too

Ben's Birthday was Saturday. 31 and still younger, stronger, more amazing and hotter than ever!

I love holidays, but I especially love Birthdays. It is fun to have a day to celebrate a person you love. To think about them, show them love, and be grateful they are in your life.

I love Ben so much. He is my rock and my best friend. I am so grateful to be going through this life with him by my side. I am a very lucky girl. I love celebrating him on his Birthday.

We decorated the house and taped notes all over with quotes from everyone with things we love about Ben. It was cute to ask the kids what they love about Ben and to get their fun answers. He is a very loved daddy.

  The kids decided to give Ben his favorite thing for his Birthday. A few days before his Birthday, we had a snow storm. So, Mary and Sam grabbed a container and filled it with snow. We have been hiding it in the freezer.  Ben's Birthday was a bright and sunny day, with no snow, so it was great for the kids to give him snow on his Birthday. His grin was priceless.  It was so cute.

I gave him a subscription to his favorite ski magazine, and made him a crazy good chocolate cake, and William helped him blow out the candles. 

We also had our ward Halloween party that evening. It was our first party with the ward here in Heber.  The kids had a blast dressing up, playing games, and getting lots of goodies. Ben dressed up as a punk/nerd, and he looked great!
love the dark hair!  That is what our townhome looks like, behind him.

 I didn't dress up this year.  Not that I am a party pooper, I was just not able to think of anything.  It was really nice to get to know more people in the ward, and to have a fun night together.

We were reminiscing about last year on Ben's Birthday. Sam had a cracked skull and was also very sick. We had spent the day with the ENT specialist and at Primary Childrens getting Sam's CAT scan. I was in the middle of morning/all day sickness and very miserable. Ben had a bad allergic reaction to honey and swelled up like a balloon, and William was just getting over Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  And never in our wildest dreams could we have thought that the very next year we would be living in Heber and in the process of building a house!

Wow!  What a year. I am glad that this year's Birthday for Ben was illness/injury free and that we are here in Heber, fulfilling a dream of ours. 

Happy Birthday Ben, I love you!

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