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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 8, 2012

Up To Our Eyeballs....

in moving.

Yup, this is the week. We move this weekend.
Here is what our past week was like.

Grandma took the three oldest kids from Tuesday to Friday. It was a HUGE help. They had a great time. They went to Bear World, McDonalds, shopping, Mary got her nails done, they watched movies all snuggled in grandmas big bed, put up Halloween decorations, and so on.

I packed

and packed

and packed.
And of course, we did make time to enjoy only having one kid at home. We went on a date or two, watched some tv and basked in the peace and quiet. That is, until we really started missing the kiddos.
Luke decided to begin cutting his two bottom teeth. This has been fun. Ugh.
Ben and I went to Heber to meet with our realtor there and finalize our contract for our house and our lot. We were able to stand out in, what is now, our lot. It was a really cool feeling, and an experience I will never forget. I had some neat feelings touch my heart as I stood there on our piece of land and future home/life. I know it is where we should be, and where we will find happiness, fullness of life, and purpose.
Ben and I went to the design center to begin designing our home. Holy Moly! It was so much fun. It was the first meeting, so all we did was figure out structural things for our home. We also picked out the colors and material for the outside of the home. It was very exciting and so much fun.  I can't wait for the second meeting where we figure out the inside of the home. I walked out of that place grinning so hard my face hurt.
We sold our fancy schmancy couch in the piano room. I am doing a new look in our new house, and fancy schmancy is not part of it. I am going for fun, comfortable, cute, shabby chic, and furniture that I love, but that I am fine letting my kids play on. 
We also sold the piano this week. It is a huge pain to move, and we will be buying a new piano when we get to Heber. A really cool electric piano thingy. It is just like a normal piano, but with all sorts of fun gadgets and buttons to push. ;)
I got all of the paperwork done for the kids school transfer. It was a little sad pulling them out of Midas Creek. It has been a wonderful school. But, as a I talked with the administration from their new school in Heber, I got the vibe that my kids will be in great hands there as well.
We scrambled like crazy and finally found a townhome that we will be living in while our home is being built. We had help from the Lord and were able to find people that will give us month to month rent. That is really hard to come by, and so needed for us right now.
Ben and I went to Pocatello Friday night and re-united with our kids. We spend the weekend there watching conference, eating good food, and hanging out with family.
So, what will we be doing this week? Maybe the question should be, what won't we be doing this week?
More packing..lots more packing. 
Last minute shopping runs.
Chasing kids that have absolutely nothing going on this week. Oh boy.
Not cleaning. The guy buying our house hasn't exactly been the nicest person to work with. He has gone well over the line of pushing us and taking advantage of us. We are grateful he bought our home, and he is paying in cash, but wow, this guy sure is interesting. We feel no obligation to scrub the house for him. We won't leave it a mess, but we aren't going to white glove either.  It is actually a relief not to worry about that.
Three dentist appointments.
Loading the moving truck.
Driving to Heber
Unloading the moving truck
Kids start school
We attend our new ward. We have already met some people from our new ward and got some info about it. Sounds like it will be great. We are excited for this new beginning.
And so our lives go on. An ending and a beginning. The first home we owned, to a townhome and on to building a home. Going from the valley to the mountains.  Saying goodbye to this chapter and hello to the next. New friends, new neighborhood, new beginning, new life.
Are we ready?
Yes we are, and we are very excited, along with about a million other emotions.
And so glad to have this be our last move. This is the place.


Colleen said...

So exciting! It sounds like everything, while super busy, is going to be great!

Jenn said...

Congrats you guys!! Your forever home... that is a big deal!! We have family in Heber and they love it there. We love visiting them too, it is such a beautiful place.