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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Always Fun For Everyone....

when grandma comes!

Ben's mom Jolene decided to make a trip here, in order to join in the Birthday celebrations for Sam. And oh man, are we glad she did! Sam felt so loved and important on his special day, and nothing brings me greater joy for my kids than for them to feel loved and special. Because they are.

She arrived Thursday evening just as Mary arrived home from gymnastics. Great timing.

Friday was spent doing last minute Birthday shopping, getting slushies at Target, picking up Mary early from school (surprise!) and taking the kiddos out to lunch, playing at the park, quiet time for me(yes, that actually does exist) and playing hard with grandma.

The kids were so happy and excited, and I relished every second of having an adult around all day to laugh with, talk with, and hang out with. It was a very fun day.

Ben's dad surprised us that evening, and ended up coming as well. We went out to dinner and had fun talking and just being together. Just after one day of fun and excitement, Sam could take no more. This is how he ended up at dinner. ;)

Saturday was full of more playing with grandma and grandpa, watching Mary at gymnastics, running errands, going on some drives to see a few places, and being together.

(William REALLY wanted the car he had been playing with before the picture)

Sunday was church (where I had no idea the choir was performing and somehow pulled off playing the piano for them...yikes!), a yummy Sunday dinner, and more visiting and playing.

Monday was the big day. Sam's 5th Birthday! aaaaggghhh. Where on earth did time go, and what happened to my little Sammy boy? I honestly can't believe he is really 5. What a fun age! It is a year of fun changes and graduating to bigger things. I am excited for him.

Sam woke up almost every 20 minutes crying the night before his Birthday. We could not figure out what on earth was wrong with him. He didn't know either. This lasted for almost 4 hours. Finally he settled into a deep sleep and all was well. Ben and I think that he was so excited for his Birthday and all of the fun, that once his body fell asleep, it couldn't handle it all, so he cried. It shouldn't be funny, but we have to laugh. Sam is the kind of kid that gets so excited for fun things. I mean REALLY excited...weeks in advance. I love that about him. I just hope it doesn't make him cry anymore. ;)

He woke up to the "Birthday tunnel." The stairway was decorated like a big tunnel for him to come down. He blasted down the stairs and asked Ben, "Am I 5 right now, I mean right now?" Ben said yes. Then Sam said, "Am I bigger?" Again, Ben said yes.
And with that, Sam was content.

Ben's parents had to leave, so Sam opened his presents after breakfast. He loved them and was very excited to play with them and to share them.

We said goodbye to Ben's parents, and then it was off to the gym. After the gym, it was time for the long awaited for event.


We told Sam we would go there for his Birthday a while ago, and all of the kids have been looking forward to it. Even the big adult kids. ;) It did not disappoint.

We ended spending over three hours there, and we had an absolute blast!

The favorite for everyone was the blast zone with the balls flying everywhere and the HUGE red slide. I could not believe Mary and Sam actually went down the thing. Of course, Ben had to try it too. He is such a fun dad. I decided that William, me and baby in womb should just stick to the smaller slides. It did look fun though.

We rollerskated,

(William actually tried it too, and LOVED it)
did the bounce houses, the kids ran through the jungle rooms, we ate pizza, and did the blast zone. It was so much fun! We plan on going back there again and again and again.

It was a little crazy to think that the last time we were there was for a family reunion. We lived in Colorado at the time. It was at that very reunion where Ben and I had our first very strong feelings that we would end up living in Utah somdeday. Little did we know that three years later we would be there again, and living only 15 minutes away. Wow.

Then it was home where Sam blew out the candles and we ate his Birthday cake of "dirt and worms." It was incredibly tasty. Sam thought it was awesome.

And that folks was our weekend, and it was awesome! Family is what it is all about, and where the true joy lies. I am so grateful for mine.


shaina said...

That is a great celebration for a five year old!! Heck, I'd love it too!

Colleen said...

What a wonderful visit with Grandma and an AMAZING fifth birthday for a darling little man! I love that he was so excited it was causing him to wake up crying for no reason. How funny!

Lisa said...

How fun!! I love the look on Sam's face with his 'dirt cake' :) Awesome!!

runningfan said...

I can't believe Sam is five! I love the idea of dirt and worms as a birthday cake. Brilliant!