My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, March 2, 2012


For the past few months, I have been slowly putting together a new look for our home. I have a big fat binder full of pictures, furniture, paint colors, color schemes, textures, lighting, wood colors, and all sorts of stuff. It is my Home OCD binder, and it is so organized and detailed, it would make you puke.

My main focus at the moment, is the family room. I decided to start there. Our old style was Victorian, traditional, and very classy. I really liked it, but it is just not us. I want a look that is more cozy and fun. A look with more personality and conducive for a home full of kids and laughter. I am going for something more bright, fun, and personal, but still relaxing.

I decided on a cottage/rustic look, with spurts of fun color here and there. Basically, I am mixing two different styles and adding some of my own personality in there as well.

SO much easier said than done. The "spurts" of color keep taking over and making it look like a starburst room. Eek! It just won't come together, and my mind is on overdrive trying to get it to work.

This week I have been to 16 different stores, returned and bought numerous items, maneuvered my pregnant belly around all sorts of isles and parking lots, driven in snow storms, taken at least 2 kids each time, and have re-decorated the room so many times I can't see straight anymore.

I know the look I am going for, I just can't seem to get it down.

Hopefully, it will all come together soon enough. For now, I am just going to have to leave things be, and sit on it all for a while. I think that some bigger items of furniture and some paint, are what will really make it come together. I am just not ready for all of that yet. Not in this house anyway. ;)

So far though, this is my absolute most favorite purchase this week! Love it!

And this picture now hanging in the room, is my other favorite find, and my color scheme.

I just can't seem to find curtains to match. What color of curtains go with this? Burnt orange? Red? Yellow?

Maybe someday, I can hire an interior designer to figure it all out for me. Then I will be able to sleep without waking up at weird hours with new inspiration that just HAVE to be written down. (sigh) Someday.


Familia Morales said...

Love your finds! Have fun figuring it all out and pulling it together.

Katie Ladwig said...

I love the new colors! You know you do have an interior design friend that Iam sure would help you out and give you some pointers. You should call Rissa.

kendra said...

Very cute! I just changed my family room too. I bought curtains at world market and love them. Also bought Craigslist furniture and painted it. I bet if you do some neutrals on your big stuff you won't feel like you have starbursts'! BUT you are always do bright and cheerful that I think starbursts suit you!