My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, February 9, 2012


There are some things we need to do before out little guy arrives.
One of which, is to switch up the bed situation and have everyone comfortable with it by the time baby boy is here. I have learned from past experience, that changes for the other kids are not something to be done when a baby arrives. Nope, keep it as simple and non-changing as possible. We will be doing any necessary changes well before he gets here.

Right now the bed situation is like this...

Mary is here, in her room, in her bed.

Sam is here, on the floor right next to Mary.

Sam has his own bed, in his own room, he just chooses to sleep next to Mary instead. Both Mary and Sam like this set up, and because the mattress slides under Mary's bed and is out of the way during the day, I have no problem with it either.

William is here, in the pack and play, in our room. The comforter (which is one of my most favorite possessions) is not in it when he is, but it is a great storage place for it during the day.

We need to have this happen in the near future...

Mary is still here, and will somehow have to get used to being alone in her room at night. I think she will be fine, she sleeps with about 5 stuffed animals anyway. ;)

But Sam will be here, in his own room and in his own bed.

William will be on the floor next to Sam's bed,

in the boy's room, on the mattress that Sam has been sleeping on in Mary's room. It will now be stored under Sam's bed instead of Mary's.

And baby boy will be in the pack and play next mom and dad's bed.

Sam and Mary are not thrilled about being separated, so we are off to get some glow in the dark stars, cool night lights and some other bedroom stuff to make the transition easier. Hopefully in a week or two, we will have the changes all made, and the kids will be happy.

Wish us luck. The switch starts this weekend.


shaina said...

Change is always hard, but they'll get use to it. It's fun to have plans, though! I'm excited for you and new baby boy!

Katie Ladwig said...

We always make sure that we do the bed switch-a-roo long before baby gets here as well. Good Luck!! Usually a change in sleeping arrangements for the kids comes with some less than peaceful nights sleep for the mama.

Colleen said...

Hey!! I never got an "invite" so I thought you just hadn't posted in a long time, and then I thought, I'll just check, and lo and behold! There were many posts to catch up on! I am glad the pregnancy is going so well, baby boy sounds active and your body sounds healthy! I am sorry about your rough week. Pregnancy always makes emotions so much worse too! I am glad you are feeling better and reconnecting with old pals. And room switches are always sticky, but it sounds like it will all be good in the end, even if it takes some getting used to.