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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, July 2, 2010


William is four weeks old today!

And how did we celebrated it....
we went back to the pediatrician.

I just couldn't get over the feeling that William was in wasn't just colic. His screams were, and are, screams of pain. My heart just hurts for him when he cries. I love him so much and it is so sad to see my baby in pain and to not have a clue how to fix it. He has also been making a weird choking noise right before he starts crying. His is also really backed up in the bowels. Ben gave William a blessing this morning, and this afternoon we were in the Dr. office.
Again, the timing was perfect and we got to see Dr. Bong. She is only in two days a week, and today happened to be on of them! She is the best pediatrician I know, seriously! She is the one that caught the milk protein allergy so quickly.

We spent 45 minutes with her. She saw William react after eating a bottle and watched him scream. She kindly and sympathetically commented on the tired dark circles under my eyes, and I described this entire last month to her in full detail. While describing this last week to her, I was nearly in tears. I begged her for answers. And she had them. She knew exactly what was wrong.

William has acid reflux, and a pretty nasty case of it. He also has a severe milk-protein allergy (which we already knew he might have, but now we are certain). The specialized formula he has to take for this (which can only be ordered through a pharmacy and has to be covered by insurance) constipates him.

Basically Williams back and throat have been burning with acid, his stomach is killing him from all of the formulas we have tried, and he is constipated.
Hence: He is absolutely miserable and cries all the time.

We now have him back on the right formula (the one she originally prescribed, but we tried to stop giving him because of the difficulty in getting it and not being sure if he really had the allergy), he has a prescription medication for acid reflux, and he is on another medication for constipation.

The doctor predicts that within the next week william will be acid free, the allergy will be under control, which means a happy tummy, and he should be "flowing" freely.

Hopefully this is the anecdote for a happy, calm baby. The sweet baby I know William is, but has been in too much pain to be.

I am so grateful for the power of presthood blessings and for good doctors who take time to listen, watch and help.

Here's to a better week and a pain free baby Will. Heaven knows, he needs it. We all do.

Oh yeah..William was a whopping 10 lbs 8ounces at the appointment today! Somehow, through all of this, he has gained ANOTHER pound..and then some! I could kiss his fat cheeks and pinch his leg rolls all day. I love it! I love my chubby baby.

Just look at those hand dimples! I love how he folds his hands like this when he is just chillin.


erin d. said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I can't wait for the post titled "It Worked! I have my Baby Back!" :) love you guys

Heather said...

So glad you got some answers!

runningfan said...

Good luck to you and a calmer week!

Katie Ladwig said...

I am so glad that you seem to be getting answers. Becca's Jacob had acid reflux really bad. Maybe she would have some advice for you.

Aarika said...

I hope that this new formula starts to kick in and help your little guy. I know what it's like. My daughter has the same allergy and when she was born was put on Neocate which is a formula that is completely broken down...spendy liquid gold. I hope that you are starting to get some sleep and that you are doing well!

R said...

Oh, I am so glad that you are getting some answers! We have been praying for you guys. Sending our love, and positive thoughts for a more peaceful week to come!