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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, July 2, 2010

From Fear To Fish

Last summer, it took 1/2 of a swimming session to get Mary to even put her feet in the water. The other 1/2 was spent getting her used to the idea of water being a fun thing.
We ended up putting her in another session, just so we could keep her used to the water. I was happy at the end of it all, just to have Mary stand in water without crying.

This year has been a complete 180!! We got to the pool, and I was all ready to start the whole speech of how water isn't scary, how her teacher would be nice, how there are no sharks in swimming pools, how she didn't have to put her face in if she didn't want to ect. Before I opened my mouth, Mary had her shoes off, her towel put down and she was literally running into the pool. The teacher had to tell her to slow down, and I had to catch her to take her flip flops off. I couldn't believe it!
She is half way done with this session and she absolutely loves it. She put her face in the water for 5 seconds yesterday and she put her whole head in today! That is something I NEVER thought would be possible. She begs to go to swimming and she grins and grins the whole time.
It is so wonderful to see her loving the water!
I really want my kids to know how to swim. It is something that I feel they have to learn...for safety. It is also a great sport, excellent exercise, and it uses up some of the never ending energy my kids seem to have. I like that part....a lot.
I am so happy for Mary! It has been a wonderful suprise.

Sam, on the other hand, screamed his head off during his class. We ended up pulling him out of the session. I am sure that part of it had to do with his ear infection and his fever. Not the best thing for swimming lessons. I don't want him to have a bad experience and to never get in the water. We will just wait until next year. I am not too worried. He is still really young. We will try again next year.

We have had another added bonus as well. I have been so nervous to take all three kids to swimming lessons. Especially with how often William eats and cries after he eats. For some reason, William zonks out right when we get to the pool, and sleeps deeply the whole time! It must be the noise, or the heat. It is a big relief for me. I am very grateful.

Swimming lessons is proving to be a great thing for us this year. Who knows, maybe we will have a swimmer after all!


Lisa said...

We took Alex to a ward pool party when he was a baby and he slept the longest nap he's EVER taken! Interesting!!! :) I'm glad Mary is enjoying the swim lessons, swimming really IS fun!!
I'm so sorry about Will, so sad!!! My sister-in-law's first was like that, it's more than tough! WIsh I were closer to take a turn!

kendra said...

good job mary.. Look how sweet she looks in the water!

hang in there with William. When Austin was a baby I went through the same thing but we didn't find out about his allergies (and other problems) until he was nine months old. There were times I really really wanted to give up (not kidding - Zoloft was the only thing that saved me, I swear!). As soon as we figured it all out he was so so wonderful and perfect. I'm sure things will get easier with William. While your going through it though, the days are LONG. Just try to hang in there. (and maybe try putting him in a swing or in his car seat on top of the dryer - Austin slept like for months - I just had to keep getting up and turning the dryer back on. better than him crying... oh yeah my mantra was, "no baby ever died from crying." and believe me Austin spent a lot of time in his crib crying - he's perfectly adjusted and has high self esteem - crying didn't hurt him a bit!)