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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, July 10, 2010

10 years

My 10 year class reunion is taking place today in Idaho. I would love to be there, but obviously, we have enough on our plates, and I just couldn't make it. I didn't think I would really even notice that I was missing the reunion, but now that it is here, I keep finding myself having all sorts of memories from high school pop in my head, I am thinking about all of the people I would love to see again, and I am really missing it. It is actually harder than I thought. My best friend is in charge of the whole thing, and she has done a great job. It is sure to be a huge success. I just wish I could be there. It would be so awesome to see everyone again, and talk about all of the great times and hilarious moments.
Unlike a lot of people, I had a blast in High School. I had wonderful friends, I really loved the sports and activities I was involved in, and I had a ton of fun.
I still stay in touch with many of my friends, but there are a few I haven't seen in the past 10 years, and I would love to see them. Dang.
Time sure flies by! I honestly can't believe it has been 10 years. is a shout out to my Highland High School Class of 2000...

I decided to go ahead and post some of my favorite pictures from High School. Ben is in some of them as well. Enjoy.


Shantal and Alofaaga Laulu said...

You are sooo silly!! I wasn't able to make it this year either, and I am even IN POKY!! Oh well!! We can still think back on all of the WONDERFUL and GOOD times we had!! Love ya Becky!!

erin d. said...

i think glasses Ben and No-chin Becky are my favorites. That site made me laugh... a lot. Hope it gave you a silly spell or two!

Darci and Ryan said...

Love it! Go Rams! We didn't make it either, oh well....good times.

Colleen said...

Funny pictures! I loved my HS years too and had a great time at my 10 year reunion. I'm sorry you had to miss, but you guys are sure busy!

Katie Ladwig said...

I missed you too! Landon missed Ben even more. Becca came to the lunch, but none of our friends made it to the dinner. I loved being in highschool with you. Hopefully I can plan the 20 year at a better time in your life so that you can be there to enjoy it with me.