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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crap Happens

I woke up this morning with a horrific sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, body aches and low fever. I felt kind of crummy yesterday, but nothing like today. I figured it was strep. Yeah, that stinks, but I just figured I would go to the doctor, get some meds, and be on my way in a few days.


I have progressivly gotten worse all day, and by the time of the appointment, I just wanted to stay in bed and never get out.

I just got back from the doctor.

At least the doc. is 99% sure it is mono. We will find out for sure in 7 days. The blood test takes a while. I am praying the doctor is wrong. We leave for Idaho in 7 days!

I just can't believe it and I really don't want to. I was just starting to get back on my feet!!!!!

It makes perfect sense...traumatic experience within the last two months + low immune system + low blood count + sore throat + swollen lymph nodes + swollen liver and spleen
= mono.

I will be sick anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.
I want to punch a hole through the wall, but I don't have the energy to, so I guess I will go back to bed.
I will deal with it later.


runningfan said...

Aw, Becky. I'm so sorry! Can I do anything for you in the next seven days?

shaina said...

oh man. I'm here for you too. Whatever you need.

The Maughan-sters said...

I'm so sorry Becky!!!! I know it's hard, but try not to let this ruin all the great progress you made. Just remember you're getting through your other stuff and so you can make it through this too. You're one tough mamma. :-) We'll be in Idaho in about 7 days too! Are you guys going to good old Rexburg???

J&E said...

The title of this post inspired me to share this with you.
Once upon a time I had a professor who told us this story...
his life was not going the way he wanted, it was hard and tough and his studies had lead him back to the Basque part of Spain. He was working and living on a farm and at the time was shoveling manure and thought to himself "how did I get here".... then he had an epiphany - (and I quote) "Shit makes things grow". You have to go through the crap, and at times it is even necessary to help you to grow to become better and to gain the finished product you are hoping for. Just remember all this poop will help you to grow, it literally and metaphorically stinks, but you will grow and become stronger and more beautiful than you could have with out it. Love you Beck, hope this helps!

Maja said...


Jenni said...

You know I've been thinking alot about you and another family I know. Not that you guys have much in common except the fact that you are being extremely tried. As I try to think of how I can help or words of comfort I can give, nothing comes to me. All I can say is that I love you. And I am so sorry for all that you guys are going through. The other thing that constantly pops into my mind is that scripture (i'm not very scripturally great . . .so there is no reference and it isn't word for word) but where the Lord is talking to Joseph Smith about being at the gates of Hell and being tried and tempted to the extreme, and the Lord tells him that He is with him. I read that the other day and I thought "Oh the Maynards seem to be facing Hell and being tried beyond all the I can imagine." Anyways we love you guys! If there is anything you need from Wyoming, please let me know . . . like fireworks.