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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, July 20, 2009

Camping Trip #3 (and more to come)

We went camping again this past weekend, and it was great! We went with Mike, Mel and Tyler ("the good neighbors"). It was so nice to relax, eat a bunch of great food, talk with friends, and enjoy the fresh mountain air. We found a great spot complete with a cool bridge and a stream. We were tucked back into our own little corner of the mountain. It was just us, our friends, and nature. aaaggghhh

We loved it so much that we stayed an extra night. We just drove into Woodland Park, bought some more food for dinner and breakfast, got ice cream at the cute train ice cream shop, and made our way back into the mountains. Ben also got in a great mountain bike ride complete with the cuts and scrapes to prove it. No..he didn't fall, the tree branches just stick out a little to far sometimes.

Our kids are quickly gaining a big love of camping and nature. They cried when it was time to leave and are begging to go back. It should annoy us I guess, but Ben and I just grin when they beg to go again and say "you bet." There is nothing like having your kids fall in love with something that you love to do as well. I have a feeling that many camping trips will be in store for our family.
As usual, camping trips bring about lots of pictures. After all..the mountains can bring out all sorts of stuff in people....we don't want to miss any of these moments.

Mike, Mel and Tyler. They are such awesome friends. We couldn't ask for better neighbors.

Ben the mountain man.

The kids made friends with some boys that were camping in the campsite next to ours. Sam and his little buddy made sure that the bugs in our camp were identified and later squished.

Tyler, Mary and Sam. Great friends!

Our was actually pretty cool.

Pumping up the air mattress. This time we had a pump, instead of our own mouths. I must say this method is much easier and prevents some crazy headaches.

Chamonix abviously enjoyed himself. Kind of stinks when you try to dig a hole with your nose.

Our brave mountain warriors.

Fun Family Picts.

We had some fun one night experimenting with fire and the camera. Zorro stopped by and made a "Z" for us.

Good lookin' bunch!


J&E said...

so so So fun!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous family! How great that you have such a fun thing you love to do together!
Love ya!