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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel

This week was the final week of my marathon training!!!! Words cannot describe how relieved I am, and how happy I am that I did it!!!! I did my last long run yesterday. (18 miles)
In a way, even though the marathon is yet to come, I feel like I have already conquered what I set out to do. I have trained to the point that I can run a marathon. My body is as ready as it possibly can be. The hardest part is over.
I survived the 10 week training program!!!! The program is 10 weeks long ,but before you start it, you have to be able to run at least 30 miles a week "comfortably." So in reality, it takes months and months. (for me anyway)

You may think that 10 weeks isn't very did I. This training program will make 10 weeks feel like 10 years. Let me explain....

Long runs...every single weekend. A long run is a run of 10 miles or longer...a lot longer.

Cold runs...running when it is literally FREEZING outside. Yes folks, I am talking ice here.

Early morning runs..... sometimes getting up as early as 5:15am.

Painful runs....I have run through sore muscles, horrible stomach aches, never ending steep hills, blazing heat and freezing cold, possible stress fracture, sore tendons, sore bones, etc.

Sad runs....I lost my favorite lucky pants, I have had to pee in a bush, I've been yanked all over by the dog (he actually sprained my fingers so badly that I couldn't straighten them for over a week), I have been peed on by the dog, almost hit by a car (twice), yelled at by a cross walk lady, and so much more.

Interesting runs....I have run next to a group of deer, I have watched a hot air balloon lift off, I have seen so many gorgeous sunrises, I have had a stranger race me, I have run in all kinds of weather, ect.

Tired runs....some mornings, I literally am not awake for the first few miles. I have had to drag myself out of bed and force myself to get my shoes on and go.

Exhaustion...Building miles for 10 solid weeks causes some serious exhaustion.

Mental weirdness....After every long run, I have so many brain farts it isn't even funny. I truly can't think straight.
One day I went to the bank after a long run, and I told the teller that Ben makes $600,000 a year, the guy behind me laughed pretty hard.
Another time I drove the wrong way on a one way road thingy and didn't know until I was staring into the face of the person in the car in front of me. I tried to back out and hit a sign. I had to do a 15 point turn to get out.
Another time I forgot about the clothes I had shed on the run for almost a week. When I remembered, I freaked out and then forgot again.
Another time I completely forgot my interview that was written on my hand and my calendar so I wouldn't forget. The stories go on forever.

Endless hunger....Never in my life have I had such a hard time getting full. I eat and eat and eat, and only feel full for about an hour. I have been hungry for almost 2 months now!!!!!!

So, needless to say, doing my final long run this weekend and completing the training was and is a HUGE deal to me. It is so mentally and physically challenging to keep going day after day with something like this. It is so amazing to know I did it! I feel such a weight lifted and I feel very ready to get out there out crank out the marathon. I truly have done my absolute best. Which brings me to a quote I love and have kept in mind when thinking of the marathon and the training.

"You know you have done your absolute best, when there is nothing left to fear."

The marathon is in less than two weeks...Nov. 22nd. The next two weeks are full of easy runs (nothing longer than 8 miles) and making sure my body and mind are ready to go. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!


runningfan said...

You're amazing! Good luck on the 22nd!

Berly said...

You will do awesome. I can't believe you ran in the cold. I just go to the gym. I hate running in the cold!

J&E said...

Becky you are my hero! We wish we could be there to cheer you on on Nov. 22nd! You're awesome!

Grandma and Bonka said...

Good luck Becky. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 22nd.

Colleen said...

So awesome and very impressive! I can't wait to see pics from the race!