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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, November 14, 2008


We are FINALLY having a decent snow storm!! I woke up this morning and I could smell it in the air before I even looked out the window. I am from Idaho, and I have learned to know if it is going to snow from the smell in the air. Yeah yeah, kinda nuts, but I have been right on for 6 years in a row. (The pictures don't really show it, but there is actually snow falling and blowing around in the air.)
One look out the window and I was all sorts of excited. Hooray!!! I grabbed the dog and my old running shoes (can't ruin the good ones) and took off into the white abyss. I was excited to introduce Chamonix, who is 1/2 husky, to the snow his ancestors grew up in. hahaha Kind of funny to think of a dog having ancestors. He sure loved it!! I let him pull me up the hills today( I rationalized by letting him know that he was born to pull in the snow, but really, it was a nice break for me) We had a lot of fun.
There is something about a run in the snow that is so amazing to me. I love it!!!!! Of course, my face was frozen, my feet were sliding all over the place on the hills, and I had snot shooting out everywhere...but it was soooo worth it. It is so refreshing to look out over everything covered with fresh snow and to have the silent snow falling all around me. AAAAGGGGHHHH Are you feeling it?????
The kids weren't old enough to remember the snow in Idaho, so they have had their little noses pressed against the window all morning. They think it is pretty cool.
We are off to the store in a few minutes to buy all sorts of snow clothes for the kids. I am sure it will all melt and it will be 60 degrees tomorrow,gggrrrrr, but we can always wish right. For now...we are absolutely loving it and soaking it all in. (no pun intended)
This snow storm is worthy of our cinnamon rolls we have every first snow fall. So, sounds like cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, a movie and a fire tonight. (anyone is welcome to join us) Wish it was closer to Christmas and we would have the Christmas music blasting away!! Oh man, do we love this time of year. WAHOO!!!!!

p.s. Check out some of the recent quotes from our kids, on the right side of the blog. We had some good ones this past week.


Deanna said...

How fun!!! I wish we would get some of that in IDaho Falls!

i love your kids' matching pjs, and that Mary of yours is so sweet! You are such a good mom! I hope I can bite my tongue when something like that happens to me!

Sue said...

Wow...I thought I liked the snow, but it doesn't really compare to the love you just described...Let's see if your singing praises about it in March. Hee, hee.