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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, February 8, 2015

penny takes a trip

Last week was "bring an animal to school day" for William's preschool.

William came home waving the flier in his hand and excitedly told me that he couldn't wait to bring Penny (penny-b-kittycat as William calls her), to school.  I wish I could say I shared in his excitement. 

All I could think about was how I was going bring our skittish cat, Luke (who I would have to carry, because he is into running all over the place lately), and Molly in her cars eat, to the school, and somehow not lose, or drop, any of them.

I found someone who had an animal carrier, and that was a big help.  Although, I had no idea how heavy Penny is!

When the big day came, I loaded everyone in the car, and hoped for success.  When we arrived at the school, we had to get some ninja moves out of our systems.

I walked into the school with Molly on one arm in her car seat, a heavy cat carrier with a spazing, thrashing,  meowing cat in the other, and a grinning William holding a squirming Luke's hand.  We were quite the spectacle.

William kept asking if Penny was going to die, because she was freaking out so badly and meowing like crazy.  Poor kid.

We finally made it to the preschool room, and William decided to go outside and play with his friends until the bell rang.  Basically, he wanted me to see what he does, by pretending I wasn't there, and acting like normal.  Too bad he had a little shy face with his mouth open and tongue sticking out the whole time.  hahaha!

When the bell rang, the class walked in and took their seats.  William walked in sheepishly with his head turned away from me, and a huge grin on his face.  This kid cracks me up.

He sat at his table and began writing his name.  I guess he couldn't ignore me too long, because I was taking pictures.  He sure tried though.

Luke, on the other hand, blasted straight to the storage closet in hopes of finding a vacuum.  He didn't have any luck, so he then found the next closest thing.  A toy vacuum. 
The kids were supposed to be quiet while they were writing their names and reading, but the entire time Luke was running all over the room making vacuum noises as loud as he could.  I tried to keep him quiet, but Molly also blew out during that time, so I was trying to figure out how to clean her up and spare these poor preschool kids the bad stench.  A few of them politely plugged their noses, but no one said English anyway.  William is in Spanish dual immersion, and there were a few Spanish murmurs here and there, with some giggles.

Not to mention the cat, that was going psycho in the carrier.  She was louder than anyone, and truly sounded like she was dying.  I finally took her out to calm her down, and she about scratched my eyeballs out.

Finally, they all sat around William, and his big moment arrived.  He got to hold a very wiggly Penny, as he answered questions about her.  When someone asked what her name was, and William responded, "Penny-b-kittycat (he says it really fast), everyone looked stumped and said, "What?"  I about died laughing.  He told about how Penny sleeps with him, and how Penny loves him, which is very true.  It was his moment, and it was great.

We repeated the entire scenario in his Spanish class as well.  Even down to Luke finding another vacuum in there.  Amazing.

When it was all said and done, everyone was exhausted, and William was thrilled.

It was worth it.

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Erin Darrington said...

Those ninja moves are fantastic!! And way to gracefully survive such an outing. I can imagine it all too well.