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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, February 8, 2015

olympic oval

Yesterday was another tumbling meet/cheer competition day.

In order for Mary to be able to make it to the cheer competition in time, she had to get special permission to tumble early with the older boys division.

We woke up bright and early, and Mary, Molly and I arrived at the Olympic Oval in Kearns, Utah at 8:00am.

I think it was probably one of the coolest buildings Mary has been able to compete in.

The Olympic Oval is the US Olympic team training center for the speed skating team, diving teams, and some ice skaters.

We were even lucky enough to see the Olympic team training, while Mary was competing.  It was awesome!
speed skating team

speed skating team practicing

Mary doing a handstand outside the Olympic Oval
Mary's first event was double mini.  She did great, but I couldn't see her very well.  She felt good about it.

Her second event was trampoline.  Her warm up routine was the best I had ever seen her do, so I was really excited to see her do the real thing.  When it was her turn, she started jumping, and then just completely went blank.  The poor kid had to get down and was scratched from the event.  She shed some tears, but quickly bounced back, took some deep breaths, and honestly did the best tumbling passes on floor that I have ever seen her do.  She knew it, and was all grins!

We didn't have time to get her awards, because we had to blast over to cheer.  It was chaos like last time, and Molly seemed to want a bottle every 30 minutes, but Mary had such a great time!  I can tell that she has an absolute blast doing it, and she looked so happy and excited.  It was great.
Mary's squad waiting for awards

This wasn't even 1/3 of the squads that were there.

After cheer, we blasted back over to tumbling to see how she did.  She placed 7th on trampoline, 6th on double mini, and first on tumbling!

Because she got a first place, they announced her name and had her go on the podium.  She got one of the highest tumbling scores from all levels and athletes in the entire meet! 

She was embarrassed to stand on the podium in her cheer uniform, but she was so excited!

Way to go Mary!

This girl was born to fly.

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