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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, February 8, 2015

miss molly grace...5 months

Molly is 5 months.  Yup, it is flying by way, way, way too fast.  Seriously.  I am dying here.

She is such a happy baby!  She has the happiest, sweetest disposition, and people gravitate toward her all the time.  She truly heals the soul.

Molly hit some big milestones this month. 

She started eating solids, and loves them!  She laps her food off the spoon like a little puppy.  It is so fun to feed her, because she finds so much joy in it, and grins the whole time.

We moved Molly to her bed, in our room.  We had high hopes, but so far, it isn't going so well.  She is so darn cute though, even when she sleeps.

Molly also started sitting up on her own.  She can go for almost a full minute now!  She absolutely loves it, and smiles and laughs every time.

She can roll over very easily now, and she prefers her tummy.  She has already started scooting her legs under her and pushing off.  I see crawling in the future, but I can't even go there right now. 

 She is starting to show a preference for certain toys.  Her favorites are crinkle blankets and stuffed animals.

We love Molly more than words will ever adequately express.  She is most definitely a light in our lives, and she is so full of joy to just finally be here, it is contagious.

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