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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, October 10, 2014

miss molly...1 month

Miss Molly Grace is one month old! 

I honestly can't believe it, and a lot of me doesn't want to believe it.  I want my baby to stay a baby forever.

Molly is such a sweet baby, and we are all still very much addicted to her. 
She loves to be cuddled and held, and there is usually no shortage of volunteers to fulfill this desire of hers.

Last week, Molly became extremely fussy and uncomfortable.  After three days of this, we discovered that Molly has what all of the other babies had, a protein intolerance and cow's milk allergy.
The poor girl was so miserable.  She had a diaper rash that wasn't going away, her skin was peeling, her little baby acne was getting worse instead of better, her poop was green, and she was so incredibly gassy and uncomfortable.
At 11:00pm one night, I ran to Walmart and bought Nutramigen...our miracle formula.  Within about 3 days, Molly was back to her normal, content, adorable, little self.

Molly has started to become a lot more alert, and is following things with her head and eyes.
She is awake a lot more often, and likes to just lie in the middle of a room and listen to all of the commotion around her.

Molly was introduced into the world of skinny jeans this past week.  Absolutely adorable!

Another huge milestone happened today. 
Molly smiled for the first time!  I was alone with her this afternoon, while Luke was napping, and I could tell she might just smile, so I had my camera all ready.  Lo and behold, she broke out into a huge, adorable, gummy, heart melting, mom squealing smile!  And I got a picture of it.
Molly's very first smile!

She continued to give me more smiles for a while after that.

We are all starting to get back into our routine, and are adjusting to our new normal. 

Our world is such a better place with our precious Molly in it.

We love you Molly!

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