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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, October 10, 2014

kid dates

Grandma JoJo came for a visit last week, which was wonderful!  It helped us all get our feet back on the ground a little.

While JoJo was here, I decided to utilize the time to take Mary and Sam out on dates.  William and Luke still get plenty of alone time with me, but Mary and Sam don't.  With the adjustment of a new sibling, I could tell they still needed to know that they were special and loved.

I asked the kids out on a date, and let them pick what we would do.  They literally talked about the upcoming dates the entire week.  I was glad it meant so much to them.

Mary REALLY wanted to see Dolphin Tale 2.  On Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Park City to see the movie.  We even both bought a kids meal of popcorn, a drink and a treat.  Lucky us!

The movie was really good, and it was so fun to spend some alone time with my sweet Mary.  She is a wonderful girl, and I love the friendship we have now that she is getting a little older.  She is a very special girl, with so much personality.  She is a blast to hang out with.

Later that evening, I took Sam out on our date.  Sam wanted to go to the pet store and pick out some stuff to put in his lizard cage.  Then, he wanted to go to Walmart and get a toy that he has had his eye on for a long time...Beyblades.

So, we headed off to the pet store, where Sam took his time picking out the perfect cage décor and climbing stuff for Spencer, his beloved bearded dragon.  I loved getting into Sam's world and talking about lizards and reptiles with him.  The way he lights up when he is excited about something is adorable.  I love his cute little grin.

Then, it was off to Walmart.  Sam knew exactly what he wanted, and exactly where it was.  He was thrilled to finally have a Beyblade of his own to "battle" with on the school playground.

Sam's 2 favorite things right now.

I sure love my Sammy boy, and the sweet and tender heart he has.  He is a very good boy, and I can't wait to see what kind of amazing young man he will grow to be.

I am blessed.

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