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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 13, 2014

blessing day

Molly's baby blessing was yesterday.

It was such a special day. 

I made a blessing dress for a final project in a sewing class I took in college.  It was after Mary was born, so she wasn't able to wear it.  It has been hanging in our closet for about 8 years.
It was pretty special to put this dress on Molly.

My mom crochets a blanket for every grandchild when they are born, and all of my children have been blessed in their blankets.  Molly had her special blanket as well.

During the pregnancy with Molly, there were a few baby blessings in our ward.  For some reason, those blessings made me just yearn to have Molly here, and to have her be the one being blessed.  I was so worried about her arriving here safely, and about the whole pregnancy.  I would just hope and pray that we would be able to bless a healthy and sweet baby that had arrived here safe and sound.

Those thoughts went through my mind as we sat in the bench and stared at our sweet angel in her white dress, before she was blessed.  I felt so humbled and blessed, and my heart was very full.

My parents were able to come, and my dad stood in the circle.  He kept commenting on how Molly was very alert and peaceful during the blessing.  I was worried, because she pooped right before the blessing! haha  No one seemed to mind, and Molly was very calm during the blessing. I think she felt the strong spirit that she brought with her, and the peace of being blessed and surrounded by men of the priesthood.

My brother Devin had planned on being in the circle as well, but his wife got stuck at work, and they showed up soon after the blessing.  I was glad they came anyway, and we had a fun time with them throughout the rest of the day.

The other men in the circle were:  Bishop Kohler, Jarrett Welch, Andrew Johnson,  and Mike Phillips.  All of them are good friends of ours.

Molly was blessed to have good friends, and to be a good friend.  She was told she would be a light and a joy to others.  This has already come to pass in her 4 weeks of life so far.  She was blessed with health in mind and body.  She was blessed to have a testimony of Joseph Smith and the living prophets, and to marry in the temple. 

It was a sweet blessing, and definitely just for her.  More than the words spoken though, the feeling in the room is what impacted me the most.  As soon as Ben began the blessing, I felt such a strong, powerful, sweet spirit come over me.  It was Molly's sweet spirit, that I have come to be so familiar with the past several years.  It is the part of Molly that I know on a very deep level.  It was so very special to feel that again, and to have her physically here.  It was in incredible moment.  The sweet spirit in the room was almost tangible, and many people felt it.

It was pretty precious to glance over at Mary during Molly's blessing, and see tears rolling down Mary's cheeks.  She felt the sweet spirit as well, and is learning to recognize it on a deeper level.  It was very special to see this.  These sisters have a neat bond.

After sacrament meeting, we all came back to our house and hung out, talked, and ate a yummy dinner.  It was a very special day, and a fun time with family.  We even got our first family picture..with ALL of us.  I could not believe how many people were in the picture, and that it was all my family!  We are all here.  Our family is complete. I am so blessed!

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Juls said...

She is so beautiful! What a special day! I love your shirt BTW!