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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, September 23, 2013

reading nook

When we were in the designing stages of building our house, I was pretty much happy with the plans the builders were showing to us.  We didn't really "tweak" many things.

There was one thing, however, that I knew I wanted.  I wanted a reading nook.

I love to read.  One of my favorite things to do, after getting the kids to bed, is to get a bunch of pillows, snuggle up with blanket, and open up a good book.  There isn't much else that is more relaxing soothing to me.

The thought of a fun little nook, built right into our wall, was a little piece of heaven to me.

Ben and I talked to the guys making the house plans, and they were willing to make a space for a reading nook, but in order for them to actually put in the shelves and everything, would cost about 10 times more that it actually should cost.

We decided to have them make a space for it, and we would figure out the rest on our own.

This weekend my parents and sister came up for a visit.  My dad brought all of his tools, his "go juice" and his knowledge and know how.

We headed to Home Depot, picked out the wood, bought it (I saved $85.00) Oh yeah, and then headed back to our house.

We spend the next day and 1/2 making the giant space in the wall upstairs, into a reading nook.  I drew up the plans, and my dad measured, tweaked, brainstormed, wrote a few things, and went to work.

My mom also helped.  She was great with knowing what would look good, what to add to make it more cozy, and even helped find a way to use extra wood to make a desk next to the nook!  She also did a third trip to home depot, just to get more trim, to make it look more cute.  Things that girls really appreciate.  I was so grateful to her for that.

While my dad was busy drilling, hammering, measuring, cutting, and so on.  My brother and his wife and son came up as well.


They did a second trip to home depot to get more wood, and my brother Devin, helped my dad.  He was also our nook model.  ha!

We found  a way to get the BYU/Utah game from our computer, on our TV upstairs (so we can watch conference on the tv too), ordered pizza, at Cold Stone Ice cream cake, and tried to make a "work party" out of it.

My dad basically did all the work.  It meant so much to me.  It makes the nook more than just a reading nook.  It is a piece of my dad in my home.  A part of him that sacrificed to do something that he knew would make me happy and would be an enjoyable part of our home.  It is a very special place for me.

And now it is complete!!!  Not only do we have an adorable, cozy, fun reading nook.  We also have a desk right next to it!  The kids have utilized the reading nook a lot since yesterday morning (when it was completed).  Last night, I went upstairs and found all 4 kids snuggled in the nook, with Mary reading books to them.  By the time I got the camera, Luke and William had moved.  It was so precious though! William and I have read about 12 books in it this morning. 
Still not done adding books and décor, but he's an idea of it.  I'm looking for some big, poofy pillows for the bench.

Hooray for reading nooks...and amazing dads who sacrifice for their little/big girls.  Thanks so much dad.  Love you!

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Sue said...

That reminds me of when Grandpa B. used to come to our house and do projects that my mom wanted done. He was always working when they came to visit. I love that your dad did that for you and I love the reading nook! Congratulations on the baby too! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and don't get too sick. Take care Becky!