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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, April 20, 2013

even if I tried...

there is no way on earth I could blog about this entire week and not make it 10 pages long.  So, here is a bulleted version.

- Spent a few VERY stressful days trying to find a babysitter that could come every day Mon.-Thurs. for 5 hours to watch my two youngest kiddos.  Finally found my sister's roommate, and she was awesome.  Few.

-Spent those 5 hours on those days driving an hour each way to my training, and then having a 3 hour training.  The training was incredibly overwhelming the first day, but ended really well.  I am so happy to have this job. The simple 2-3 hours a day (can be broken up throughout the day) is awesome, and so is the pay.

-realized that even though I missed my kiddos, and that I wouldn't want it to be permanent, I really needed this time away from home to do something for myself.   It was really nice to learn something new, push myself a little, get away for a while, get ready for the day bright and early (I'm talking make-up and hair done before 8am), and just feel productive in a new way.  It was a really good thing for me, and it was very rejuvenating.  Not to mention, that I came away with a new job. It is pretty cool to have something that I can do now, in order to bring in some extra $$ for our hobbies and for some family fun.  I actually really enjoyed the training.

-Soccer started for Sam.  2 clinics, one game rained out, another game played in the rain.  I forgot we had treats until Sam and Ben were literally out the door.  Poor Ben had to figure it all out, but he did, the kids got their treats, and Sam got there in time to play the last 5 minutes of the game. oops.
Missed the parent's meeting.  Just couldn't seem to fit it in.

-driving kids to the bus stop, because the weather was horrible.  Also did homework and the normal school stuff.  Sam stayed home a day and so did Mary...just because.

-battled Luke's ongoing ear infection, pink eye, and cold.

- Luke began taking several steps at once!

-Mary started gymnastics. She was all grins, and very sore.  She had her first three practices this week.  I had to set up a carpool, but in the main time, I drove to and from Park City two of those days...after driving to and from training.  Yup.  At least the carpool is now set up, and the drive to Park City is so beautiful.

-did mountains of laundry, and am still doing it tonight at 11:00pm.

-Ben and I planned out our landscaping.  It is very exciting, and very overwhelming.  Our yard will be so least we think so anyway.

-got in one day at the gym, and one amazing run outside. It was probably the best run I have had in a few years.  Perfect weather, gorgeous scenery, my body was working right, and I just ran for fun.  No route planned, just took off and came back 8 miles later.  It was awesome. 

-Went on a date with my hubby.  He is so good to me.  I sure love him. (William was a little messed up from the babysitter being here all week, so he ended up coming on the date too.  He was good company.)

-Speaking of William, I cleaned up 3 big poops on the carpet, 4 poop smears on that same carpet, and poop smeared all over the walls (all of this at one time), while bathing three kids and cooking breakfast.  I would not recommend this to anyone.

-Ended the week with banana splits and hanging with some friends.  I love this neighborhood!

-Now onto Mary's talk and a primary lesson for tomorrow.  whew!

-I fasted and prayed last Sunday for this past week to work out.  I was so nervous for the whole thing. There were just a lot of new things beginning, and I was so worried about leaving my kids for so long every day.  I really feel that the Lord was with all of us, and that he helped everything go as smoothly as it did.  Even though it was busy, I never really felt in over my head or super stressed.  The Lord blessed us through other people during a few moments of crisis, and they just stepped in and helped as if they had planned on it all along.
There was a good feeling of peace in our home, and things worked out just fine.

 This week was a big testimony builder to me, that the Lord does care about all we are doing, even if it is just the small and simple things that may not matter a lot to Him.  I really felt Him with me and my family this week, and I am so grateful for it.


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