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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, April 12, 2013

bring it

In December, I learned of an amazing stay at home job.  One where you type things into a program for companies.  One that I can do any time of day, as long as I meet my quota of calls. (no, I don't call people, I listen to recorded phone calls, and type them) It usually requires about 2 hours a day.

It sounded like a dream job to me, so I went for it.  The application process was actually a little intense, and I was so nervous.  I had all sorts of ideas of what I would do with the money I would earn, and save, and I was really, really hoping to get the job.

I didn't get it, and I was pretty sad. 

I asked the recruiter what went wrong, and she told me that I was actually one of the top candidates, but that something I said in the phone interview made them think that I could only work certain hours of the day, therefore they didn't hire me. It was just a simple mis-communication.  Drat!

I quickly let the employer know of the mis-communication, and she said that they really did want to hire me and would be hiring again in a few months, and that they would get ahold of me at that time.

And they did!   I found out yesterday that I got the job!  I am extremely excited and very humbled to have this blessing.

The training starts Monday in Salt Lake City, and lasts all week (that was an absolute nightmare to schedule help with the kids, but it finally worked out thanks to lots of prayers and my sister's roommate).  After that, I do the rest at home, when I want to, and when I can, as long as I get my phone calls in. 

That being said, we have decided to put Mary back into gymnastics.  Yup, once again, she is going back.  She has been begging to go back for months now.  I have found her downstairs in her leotard doing her routines over and over again.  She has her medals hung right on her bed and she looks at them every day.  She has cried numerous times when something reminds her of it. It has been heartbreaking to tear her from something that she really did have a passion for. But at her other gym, it just wasn't working anymore.  Too much time and money, not to mention she was going to have to start missing school for, no.

We found a really good gym here that only requires 1/2 the hours as her previous gym, for the same level of training!  She won't have to miss school, and it will only be 6-8 hours a week instead of the previous 16!  Another perk, this gym actually beat her team last year, so we are confident that the less hours is fine, it just prevents burn-out on the girls and their little bodies.

The tuition is good, and it is in Park City.  Also, there are two other girls from Heber that go there, so we can carpool.

Mary starts on Monday, and she is literally counting down the hours.  I am so grateful for the blessing of this job, so that my kids will be able to do the things they love, and I will also be able to pursue a few of my own hobbies as well.  I am nervous for it, but so excited as well. 

Sam also starts soccer this week.  His first game is Tuesday, and he just had a clinic at the High School.  Last year, he was kind of ho-hum, about the whole thing.  This year, so far, he is a whole new kid.  He has been so excited about it, and Ben said that he had a great time at the clinic.  Maybe we have finally found his passion as well.  We will see.

Next week is going to be pretty nuts with the start of soccer, gymnastics, my full week of training, school schedules, Ben working on a HUGE account at work, and everything else family life entails, but it will also be a really fun week of new beginnings for all of us.  We are blessed, and even though I can freak out, cry and get overwhelmed, we are blessed, and it is all ok.  I am nervous, but excited at the same time.  We have done busy before, we can do it again for a week....I think.?

Bring it.


The Maughan-sters said...

Of course u can. You are amazing!!! I marvel at your strength in your blog posted for being so real and honest, esp about the tough stuff! That being said, I know we always appear to be stronger in front of people than we actually are sometimes and that's ok. remember that u are great and can do anything. miss your guys fun personalities!!

Deanna said...

Look at you GO!!! So excited for you!!! this job in the medical field? My aunt did something like it (transcriptionist for drs.) and loved it.

Colleen said...

Congratulations, Becky! How exciting! It sounds perfect.

erin d. said...

Psh, this is nothing. The Maynards were made for this kind of stuff. Go get'em guys!