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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Size 8...Wide.

William is a big boy. If we didn't already know that when he was born over 2 pounds bigger than the other two (at 9 1/2 lbs), or the fact that he wore 0-3 month clothes for one week, the size of his hands and feet have surely clued us in.

We know that William must have ankles, because he can walk and his feet move. We just haven't seen them yet. His legs go from thigh, to huge calf to feet. There is no narrowing of the leg down to the feet. Nope, just rolls and adorable baby chub the whole way down. I could just squish them all day...and I do.

His legs are not only huge, but his feet are big as well. They are long and wide. They are almost as tall as they are long. Basically, they look like squares with tiny peas on the ends for toes. For the first 8 months of his life, his toes never even came close to touching the ground, because the fat on the bottom of his feet was so thick.

Needless to say, I have hunted and hunted and hunted to try to find shoes to fit his feet. I went to four shoe stores, and even with the help of the employees and foot measuring equipment, we never found a shoe to fit William.

The ironic thing is that William LOVES shoes. One of his favorite things to do is to put Mary's shoes on and stomp all over the house. He also does this with Ben's shoes as well as mine.

Then, one fine day, I discovered these things at Walmart of all places. Yup, white trash, hunting, camo. boots. They were basically square, like Williams feet, and guess what...they fit! I couldn't believe it. I put them on Williams feet, and he refused to let me take them off. Even when I bought the shoes, the lady had to scan them on his feet. William absolutely loves his shoes. He has worn them everywhere, including church, because they are the only pair. I think they are so ugly, but I have no choice. And he loves them, so therefore, I love them.

The best part is that the bottom has a clear part on it. William cannot wear socks with these shoes, or they don't fit, so when he sits down, we can see his little toes in his shoes. For whatever reason, it is really funny.

This past week, I was in need of some new shoes. I found a great deal at a shoe store, and what do you know, it was buy one get one half off! William was with me, and at the time, he had no shoes on. His boots have finally become too small. Dang.

William was grabbing every shoe in sight and trying to put them on, so I decided to see if I could find something for him. I found a great pair for me, and then it was off on the hunt to find something for William. I had no real expectation to find anything.

Well, what do you know, we found a pair that fit William! Actually, the employee helped us find a pair. William is a size 7, but in order to fit his fat foot into the shoe, we had to get a size 8 wide. hahahaha

And they are so stinkin' cute! William was beyond thrilled!

Again, he wore the shoes out of the store. He took a few steps into the parking lot, and then starting laughing and running. He was so excited to have shoes that fit again. He kept looking down at his feet all day to make sure they were still there.

He sure loves his shoes, and I am so happy to have finally found a cute pair for him.
I sure love this boy, and am getting more excited every day for our next boy to join the clan. My three sons...I LOVE the sound of that.


Juls said...

You can see the excitement on his face. His big grin cracks me up! You know I had a hard time finding shoes to fit Ezra because he had a lot of fat on the top of his foot that even if the length looked like it fit I couldn't get his fat feet in. And it was hard because I would find all these cute shoes on sale and he couldn't wear them. It is frustrating.

Lisa said...

That second picture with the shoe box makes him look so grown up!! He's looking more and more like a little boy and not a baby!! Yay for shoes!!