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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before It's Too Late

The holidays are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and I need to post about them for journaling purposes, before it's too late. We are having some nasty computer problems, so blogging, checking email, and looking at your blogs has become a task that takes hours...truly. And honestly, I don't enjoy spending hours on a computer, so this post may be long, but I am trying to cram it all into one..while I am actually on this messed up computer.

First up..Mary's Birthday Highlights.
I ate lunch at school with her. She showed me how to do everything, and I enjoyed recess with Mary and her very silly friends. It meant the world to her. It was awesome.

An Origami kit, some adorable Carmela Coyle books, a Baby alive (that is way too alive for me:) ), lots of Pet Shops and a gift card to Justice For Girls! (the favorite gift that we used that very day...40% off of everything, score!)

A Birthday Week at school. A poster about Mary, a favorite game, reading a book to the class, sharing candy, a Birthday book made by the class, and so on. So neat!

Hot dogs, with the bun, watermelon and root beer for dinner. Cake and ice cream later.

Turning 7! Woah.

Playing with best friend Taylor with all of her new toys.

Next up...Christmas Eve.

Going out to breakfast (tradition) and eating the best cinnamon roll french toast in the world. Go Kneaders!

Running last minute errands

Making and delivering goodies to neighbors and friends

Delivering food we gathered for a previous FHE to the homeless shelter in Salt Lake. Our hearts were very softened toward those people who have so little and are so grateful.

Appetizers for dinner and frape.

Christmas Bible story.

Cookies and milk for Santa.

Opening new pj's and slippers.

Bed time.

At one point, I went in their room to do some "santa stuff." I checked to make sure they were sound asleep. Right before I was going to do my Santa duty, Sam shot up in bed and said, "Oh, its just you." I think I jumped 5 feet. He then told me that he thought Santa was in the room, so he was pretending to be asleep. Geeze! I waited another 2 hours before I went in there again.

And now onto Christmas Day:
Wake up early. Kids run down stairs with cameras rolling and Christmas music playing.

Go through stockings and watch the joy and excitement that Christmas brings.

Head to church for an hour of beautiful music about the Saviour. I played lots of piano, and was so relieved that all went well. The pieces were HARD this year.

Back home to open presents. Lots of smiles and lots of love.

Favorites: Mary, the long awaited for American Girl doll. Sam, remote control race car. William, lawn mower that makes lots of noise. Me, a soft, warm, cozy down comforter. Ben, new skis and a gift certificate for a one hour professional massage.

Pack and head to Pocatello to spend the next week with family.

WONDERFUL Christmas full of magic, the Saviour, love, and joy.

Ben and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary the next day.
We went to a movie and just hung out with family and relaxed. I sure love him so much and have felt very blessed to live life with him by my side. I can think of no one better for me, and no one that I love more. I am excited to know that my future is with him, forever and always.

Week in Idaho

Hanging out with family.

Playing lots of BANG!

Hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. playing games, talking and eating pizza.

Playing at a gymnastics gym and playing for two hours.

Going to a movie with Grandma.

Shopping and playing at the mall.


A fun Birthday date for Mary and Aunt Kelsey. Getting nails done and going out to lunch.

Family Bowling on New Year's Eve.

Burning the tree with gas and Fireworks to welcome in 2012.

Having enough time to slow down and let revelation and inspiration sink in. All of those "inclings" I have been given the past few months come to light when I finally relax. New resolutions for 2012 are made and changes are being put into motion with a few things.

It is always good to re-evaluate, change things up, and try to better ourselves for the next year.

Our January Spring
It has been sunny, gorgeous and in the 50's this week, and I can feel my spirit soaring with the sunlight! It has been wonderful and so refreshing. I can't believe it is January and not April, but I will take it for now. We even went to the park yesterday and we were not cold. Woah.

So, there you have it. Another year gone by. Another holiday season wrapped up. A new, fresh year full of hope, excitement, and fun planned. And a lot of lessons learned.

And don't forget, the blog is going private in a week, so send me your email if you would like an invite.

(just had to post this) William has learned to say "cheese" and I LOVE It!


shaina said...

Great pictures, and I love the service opportunity, as well as all the family time and celebrations! Congrats on your anniversary and birthdays. Love ya!

Deanna said...

darling pictures!!! Looks like you had a wonderful Holiday. :)

Juls said...

Oh my goodness William is getting so big. I love his cheesy smile. Glad Mary had a fun birthday!

Maja said...

Yes please. It was fun to see you guys at Christmas.

Becca said...

Just if there's room. :)