My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 10, 2011


There is a reason why I am a little slower to wake and a little faster to go to bed.

There is a reason why it is 11:00am and I am still in my pj's.

There is a reason why I suddenly can't stand chicken, and could eat steak for breakfast.

There is a reason why I tear up when reading Mary her book about Spot, the lost dog.

There is a reason why my pants are feeling a little snug.

There is a reason why I have a smile on my heart all the time.

There is a reason why in a span of 10 minutes I can laugh, cry, get really upset, feel really happy, and then want to puke.

There is a reason why I eat every hour. (at least I have a reason now)

There is a reason why I haven't dusted the house or cleaned the bathrooms in...(um, I am not going to say).

There is a reason why our grass is long enough now, that it is blowing in the wind. I wonder if there is a tiger lying somewhere in there. And maybe a zebra or two.

There is a reason why I can smell EVERYTHING. Super nose is back.
Williams diapers almost kill me, perfume makes me gag, I could swear the church smelled just like pumpkin pie yesterday, and I know the exact deoderant the dude next to me on the treadmill was wearing on Saturday.

There is a reason those 6 mile runs with my friends in the evening are getting harder and harder and feel longer and longer.

There is a reason why I thought I was going to die at exercise group today, even when we were just stretching!

There is a reason why I feel like I just ate a Big Mack and then rode a roller coaster, every second of the day.

There is a reason that I am REALLY excited.

Yup, the prego bug has hit. I have a bun in the oven. It will be done on June 4th, or close to that date.

It is my Birthday, Williams Birthday, the date we lost a baby, and my due date. (insert twilight zone music here)

Nope, the date was not planned at all. We are still wondering if it is a good or bad thing.
Half of our family sharing the same will be like Christmas in June!

No matter when the baby comes, we are very happy and excited to add one more precious child to our family (and most likely the last).

As has been the case since a few pregnancies ago, I am naturally very nervous about keeping this baby through the whole pregnancy. I have pretty big fears, but I also have hope and peace. The Lord has it from here, and I have to trust that.

And so the cat is out of the bag. Wish us luck and a quick end to nausea.



Juls said...

Congrats!! After reading that I thought oh man I slow to wake up stay in my pjs all day, feel sick to my stomach some of the time (from all the knots I have in my neck and shoulders when they get massaged out I feel nauseous), have super sense of smell, and I feel like i am not fitting in my pants and yet I do not have a reason.... so sad.
That is so crazy about your due date, it is definitely a twilight zone. Well I hope everything thing goes well with this pregnancy!

Jaggers Brain said...

BECKY!!!! This is so exciting! You are in my thoughts and prayers! That little bun in that oven is so blessed to already be a part of your family!

Love you!

Deanna said...

congratulations!!! So exciting!!! I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon... LOL!

runningfan said...


shaina said...

So happy for you. Hope this pregnancy is a piece of cake and all goes well!!

Megan said...

Congratulations!! You guys are so awesome. Can we come see your prego belly in December? We're coming to Utah for Christmas, will you be around the 20-28?

Sue said...

That's so exciting! Congratulations!

Jeff and Lori said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations!!

Gina said...

Congrats Becky! I hope you feel better soon!

Colleen said...

Hooray! That is FANTASTIC news! I am so happy for you and for your sweet family. And the Twilight Zone music is VERY appropriate. What a weird coincidence! :) YAYAYAYAYAY!

Lisa said...

Wow!! That's great! I hope the nausea ends soon--that's the worst!! I did read something once that said the nausea is a good sign because it means your body is fighting to keep that baby alive and they have found correlations between the amount of nausea and health of the pregnancy, so if that is true I guess I hope your nauseaous the whole first three months!
We'd still love to visit when you're feeling up to it!

Darci and Ryan said...

So exciting!!! Congrats!

Sylvia said...

I have been constantly smiling for two days every since i heard the news! So exciting! I feel like I know this new little spirit already and feel so much love and excitement to have another sweet one entering our family! Let the countdown for June begin! Love ya...MOM

Katie Ladwig said...

Yipee!!!! I knew that it had to be coming soon. Although, I have to say...what the hey- I have to find out on the blog. I love you girly and can't wait to meet the new little one!!!

erin d. said...

Congratulations! and good luck! I had the all day nausea thing too. It's no bueno. But it's all worth it in the end :D