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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Date

Mary and I had our first date this week. It was Mary's idea, and I wish it would have been mine. I had no idea how much this one evening would mean to my little girl.

The boys went on a date of their own, and got some yummy ice cream and then went to a friends house to visit and play.

Mary and I headed to her favorite store. Justice For Girls. We blasted Taylor Swift in the car on the ride over, and sang about as loud as we could. This store is one I found a few months ago, and I knew it has Mary's name written all over it. It is pretty much a store made for girls her age. It is so girly and spunky that it makes me laugh. Mary is not a big shopper, but when she goes in this store, she goes nuts. She was so excited to be on a date with me and to be in the store, that she all of the sudden became really talkative. It was great. It took a long time for her to narrow down what she wanted, to three things. I have a feeling Santa will be spending some time at that store as well.

Mary is not quiet at home, but for those of you who know her, she does not say much to most people. And she hardly says a word to strangers. Her gymnastics coach still can't get more than a few words out of her, and she is with her 12 hours a week.

I let her pick out a few things, and when we got to the register, the clerk started talking to Mary. To my absolute shock, Mary held a conversation with her, and she didn't even look shy!!! I guess the excitement of the moment over rode her fear. I was the one who was speechless.

On our way out of the store, Mary stopped mid-step in the parking lot and said, "Oh wow. I don't think I have ever talked to someone like that so much in my entire life. I am so embarrassed!" I cracked up and told her that it was a good thing and that she should try talking more often. She just giggled and we went on our way, hand in hand.

Next, it was off to the movie. Mary really wanted to see Dolphin Tale, so that is where we went. I let her get a kids meal, which is a VERY rare treat. She was thrilled! I just took my zofran and had to call it good. But oh man, did I want those nachos. Maybe next trimester.

Before the movie, Mary wrote in her new journal (that she got at Justice For Girls). She loves journals, and she wanted to write about our date. She drew some cute pictures and wrote in the date and a few things about how much fun it was. I was again shocked with how much this date meant to her.
The movie was awesome. My and my pregnancy hormones had a great time boobing away, and Mary couldn't get over how cool the dolphin was.

The movie ended late, so it was time to head home after it was over. We beat the boys home, so Mary and I decided to look up "Winter the dolphin" (from the movie) on the computer. While we were looking at the pictures Mary slipped a necklace over my head. It was one half of the best friend necklace I bought her that evening. She was going to give it to one of her friends. Instead, I am the lucky one. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for the date. She said it was the best night ever. What a precious moment for this lucky mommy.

Even though the necklace is too small (so it is basically a choker), hot pink and changes colors with my mood, I wear it every day, and every once in a while, Mary will come up to me and match her half to mine and smile.

I think more dates are in store, for all of my kids. It was sure a special night.

Oh, how I love my little girl.

(cut me some slack, I am still sick, just look at the cute girl I am hugging instead)


Deanna said...

so sweet! I should start doing that with my boys. :) Thanks for the great idea!

Sylvia said...

I absolutely loved this post! Nothing more special than a mom and her little girl! So lucky I have two of them and all of our special times together are very very precious memories that keep me going! Keep it are a wonderful mom! Love you little girl of mine! MOM

Katie Ladwig said...

Okay, seriously we are thinking on the same page with this one again. Landon and I started doing date night with our kids at the beginning of September. Every Thursday night it gets to be a different kids turn with either Landon or I for a one on one date. We have loved it as well! Keep them up. I have learned a lot about my kids from these special nights.

Jaggers Brain said...

Becky Beck that entry had me crying for cuteness. That was such a precious moment. Mary is incredible. Such a sweet girl. You are so blessed to have her in your family.

Adri said...

So so fun! It is definitely the little things, huh?

Brittany said...

Aw, that is so sweet! :)
you guys are seriously the cutest family :)

Jenni said...

Oh my heck! Loved this and love you! Congrats on being pregnant! So happy for you and seriously what are the odds of your due date! Wow. And I teared up a little when I read that Mary gave you the other half of her BFF necklace. So sweet.

Colleen said...

That sounds fantastic! We try to get out with each boy on their birthday day each month for a little date and they are always precious nights. So glad you get to be BFFs! That is the sweetest thing!