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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cornbelly's (and a tidbit about zofran)

A friend here in our neighborhood decided to head up a "field trip" to Cornbelly's for anyone in the neighborhood who wanted to go.

We have never been there before, so I figured it would be similar to a pumpkin patch. Cute, fun, small, and good for the kids. Seeing that the kids have been more that patient with me being so sick and boring, I decided to add our name to the list, and give them something to do for 1/2 a day.

Little did I know where we were going. This place was incredible!
It is located at Thanksgiving Point, and it is HUGE. It was nothing close to the cute little pumpkin patch I was envisioning. This place felt to me like a massive carnival full of fall stuff.

There were a few adult size corn mazes, and one for children as well. There were several different areas with play areas full of slides, tunnels, swings, hay towers, and so on.

There were three jumping pillows (a favorite for my kids),

rubber duck races (another favorite for Sam),

a hay maze,

a haunted house, hay rides, train rides, a puppet show, pig and goat races, and tons more. We spent 3 1/2 hours there, and we still didn't see it all. I guess we will just have to go back.

My kids had an absolute blast there! It was so great to see them so happy.

It was my second day on Zofran, so I was feeling pretty good myself. Yes, the zofran is working! I feel human again. I do get horrible cramps from it, about every hour or so, and they get really bad and leave me curled in a ball on the floor, or doubled over in pain, but hey, I will take them over nausea any day. I still can't eat sugar without getting sick, but I have a handle on that now too, and I am getting used to my very bland diet, I think. Overall, I am more than thrilled to not feel like I just got off a roller coaster every second of the day. I consider it a big blessing and a tender mercy. OK, back to Cornbelly's.

At one point during the day, I was talking to some friends and watching William play with something. I turned to make sure Sam was ok for a few seconds, and when I turned back, William was gone. I stayed calm for about 1 minute, and then the panic set in. There were literally hundreds of kids there (bus loads to be exact), and the place is gigantic. I told my friends he was lost, and got them in on the search. After a few more minutes (which feels like an hour when your kid is missing), I really freaked out. I started yelling for him and running around. The tears also came. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, but was probably only 5 minutes, I saw his little blonde head peek out from a barn close to where I was. He had gone in there, sat down in the corner and was eating a piece of corn on the cob he found. I think I hugged him until he couldn't breathe once I got to him. He had no clue he was even lost, or that his corn on the cob was probably hours old and covered with dirt. It probably took me 1/2 an hour to calm down after that. *shudder*
I truly will have no problem putting tracking systems inside of my children, once it is invented. Sheesh.

On our way out, the kids were able to pick one pumpkin to bring home. After a 15 minute search, I honestly think they found the biggest one there. It took all three of us to get it into the car. I am sure we were quite the sight.

The sun is in their eyes, but they were so excited about this pumpkin. It now sits on our porch, absolutely dwarfing all of our other pumpkins sitting there. The kids named it "King Pumpkin."

The temperature was perfect and we didn't even need our jackets. It was so nice to get out of the house, into the sun, and to have some fun. My kids came home happy and rejuvenated.

It was a great "field trip" for all of us, and a definite place to return to each fall.


Katie Ladwig said...

We had the same experience! We went just last week with my sister and I was so amazed. The jumping pillows were also my kids favorites. And, I too lost a child there. Levi was gone for about 5 minutes before we found him. Funny that we had such similar experiences. We will have to do it together next year!

Colleen said...

It's so scary to lose a child, even if it's just for a moment! Glad you found him safe and sound. And SO glad you are feeling better! We went to the Thanksgiving point Halloween thing awhile back when Adam was in MBA school, and it was fun...but nowhere near as RAD as that! Great outing!