My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, October 17, 2011


Lets face it, my desire to blog has plunged. Not because I don't like blogging, but because I don't feel like it.

In fact, I don't feel like doing anything aside from going into a coma for the rest of this trimester.

Yup, the nausea blahs have hit, and they have hit hard. Boo.

I have been so sick the past few weeks, that I have actually become a little depressed on the really bad days. Hooray for me. I don't vomit, but I am so nauseated that it is just as bad. I have had a pregnancy where I threw up all day before, and believe me, it is terrible, but this truly is just as terrible. And no, I am not proud of it. I wish it wasn't the case.

I was sick with Mary's pregnancy and the pregnancy of the baby we lost. I was not sick with Sam and William. I have seen both worlds. I was hoping for the better world this time. Oh well, at least I know it will end when the first trimester does.

I have figured a few things out with my nutrition that seem to help a little. I noticed that sugar makes everything worse. Sugar in any form. Milk, sweets, certain breads, some drinks, crackers, some "healthy" cereals, ect.

My diet has dramatically changed. I don't eat a lot of treats anyway, but I have had to look at the sugar in everything, not just treats. I had to get a milk that has almost no sugar in it (only good with cereal, believe me), I only eat Wheaties or grape nuts for breakfast, or toast (bread with no sugar), butter and sugar free jam.

I also have to eat every hour. This is key, or I really get sick. I noticed that meat helps, so I eat plain lunch meat like candy. So gross, I know, but it helps. Bean burritos have become my new staple as well. Oh, and I could seriously drink Taco Bell's mild sauce. I normally don't like that place. But right now....Yummy!

I guess if I can't work out for the next few weeks (makes me very sick), I will at least be eating super healthy. I have already lost weight from the no sugar thing, but that is not a good thing when pregnant I guess. I am not trying to lose weight right now, but I did take note that the no sugar thing could be good for future use, like trying to lose the fun after baby weight.

My doctor called in a prescription for Zofran today. I don't have much hope in Zofran, because it didn't work for me the one other time I took it, but maybe I will have better luck this time. The one other time I took it, the whole pergnancy was going south, I just didn't know it yet. So maybe this time will be different. I am up for anything, just to get some relief in any form.

Enough with the gripes, and onto the reason for the post. I have decided to give a quick update on the happenings around here, because I am too late to give them their own post, and I really want to get to the store and get that zofran.

It is kind of jumbled, but here it is.

I am 7 weeks pregnant. Aside from the sickness, I still am very happy and excited. We all are. We told the kids last week, and it was really fun to see their excitement as well. Mary asks me all the time when my tummy will get big, when we will know the gender, when the baby will come, and so on. It is cute. Sam just asks when I won't be sick anymore, he is so soft hearted and he has been very concerned.

We set up our Halloween decor. around the house and on the porch. The costumes are done and we are in the halloween spirit.

Mary was moved up to level 4 in gymnastics. We have been going back and forth with this for months. It is a big decision and a huge commitment for Mary. A lot of thought, prayer and talking with coaches went into it. We decided to go for it, and Mary started level 4 last week. She absolutely loves it! She has already improved a lot and she is enjoying the challenge of learning new tricks and routines. She is learning a new tumbling pass that has her very excited. She is in the gym three days a week for 4 hours at a time. Somehow, when she comes home after gymnastics she is still full of energy and is bouncing all over the house. She is back with the girls that she was with last year and she is loving being with them again. They are very close, and they are older, so they treat Mary like a little sister (in a loving way).
It feels good to have made the decision, and to see that it was the right one.

Bens 30th Birthday is next week. I have some fun plans in store, lets just hope I am feeling better, so I can put them into action.

Sam started preschool two weeks ago. It is a program that the High School does. It is the first year they have done it, because the High School is new. Sam is having a great time, and I have been very impressed! It is very organized and the students take it seriously. I am so glad that Sam has something like this before he starts kindergarten next year.

Mary has been off track the past three weeks, so we have done some fun things. We did a scavenger hunt with a bunch of other friends and had a great time! The fall colors are gorgeous right now, and it was fun to walk around in them during the hunt. We have also done a bike parade with the neighborhood families, which was so cute and fun. We have made trips to the library, trips to the mountains, and lots of trips to the park. We got a Wii last week, and that is proving to be a saving grace for me right now. We have time limits for the kids (they can play when I can't function anymore). It works out great.

Aside from that, we are just doing our thing. Next week starts the beginning of our holiday season in our house. It is go time from there. Let the games begin!

Thanksgiving will be the beginning of my second trimester. That is the day I am longing for and counting down to. I am hoping to celebrate it with a big, fat, sugar filled, piece of pumpkin pie and no sickness to follow it. A girl can dream right.


Kristen said...

I'm so sorry you feel so bad...if the zofran pills don't work talk to your dr and ck out the options...for me it got to the point I needed liquid zofran or as I referred to it liquid has to be in an iv, but trust me tha stuff will work!

Lisa said...

Sorry you're so sick!! Have you tried B vitamins? They helped me this last pregnancy. Cottage cheese did too, but I guess that might run you into the sugar thing!
Good luck!