My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Insight, fun, and pictures

We had a WONDERFUL weekend in Pocatello with my family. It was just what the doctor ordered. I was in a funk after getting word about my foot and trying to get used to lugging this big ol' boot around everywhere, but after this weekend, I am feeling much better. I am more determined than ever to stay in shape doing the things I am able to do right now, get my foot healed, be happy, and enjoy my blessings, which are many and more than I deserve.

I was lucky enough to be able to waterski on this trip. The doctor told me that I could waterski as long as my left foot was behind my right on the ski. There is no pressure on my foot that way. It is actually less pressure than walking.

I was beyond thrilled to ski, and I skied my heart out. It was great! Ben was able to wakeboard, and Mary and Sam also had a great time riding in the tube. On Mary's last ride, the cover came off the tube while she was riding it with Grandma. They ended up falling off and Mary's head went under the water. I was shocked and plesantly suprised to see Mary sputter a bit, hold back the tears, and actually smile and laugh a little. HUGE improvement for her and her water fear. I was proud of her.

Gotta love Williams hot pink life jacket!

Aside from our day on the reservoir, we had a great time playing with the pool in the yard, watching movies, eating the best dang ribs in the world, celebrating our country, playing games, and relaxing.

We brought Maya on this trip, and she also had the time of her life. She ran and ran and ran all around my parents property. She made friends with their dog Champ, and they had a great time playing in the sprinklers, stealing food, and chasing eachother. The only problem we ran into was when she pooped in the car on the ride home. Luckily she had towels under her, so the car was fine, but oh my, the smell was horrible until we made it to the next gas station. Somehow we were able to laugh about it.

When we arrived home, we noticed that our lawn looked great! Our neighbor, Trudi, had decided to mow our lawn for us. How nice is that! She is awesome.

We got home just in time for the neighborhood pool/fireworks party. It was awesome! I love where we live! It was the first year we didn't have to leave early due to a terrified child. Mary and Sam loved the fireworks, and William seemed fine with it all. It seemed like everyone had a pile of fireworks to contribute to the party. They just kept going and going and going and getting bigger and bigger and bigger. What a great way to end our trip and to celebrate this country that we love on such a meaningful holiday.

While we were in Pocatello, I had some insight into a couple things.

First of all, I came to terms with my boot. I decided that if I was going to like my boot, or at least have a decent relationship with it, it needed a name. It will have a blog post of its own.

I also decided to start studying for the Personal Training Certification Test. I have wanted to do it for a while now, but I have found other things that seem more important at the time. For whatever reason, I am getting the push that now is the time. So, I will begin embarking on that journey for the next year. It is A LOT of studying. I am very excited, and I know it will be something I will really enjoy doing. I loved athletic training in college, and I know I will also really enjoy being a personal trainer and being able to help people change their lives in a good way.

While we were at my parents house, we came across a few boxes of mine that had some VERY special things in them. One item we found was a box full of my journals from age 7 up to my senior year. I had so much fun reading them, and I learned some things about myself in the process. I once again realized the importance of journaling and documenting, and I re-committed myself to this blog, the things I will post on it, and to other means of journaling I do as well. It is priceless.

I also gained some insight this weekend into all of the blessings I have, but most importantly, the blessing of family. I have always recognized this as a blessing, but I realized it on a much deeper level this trip, and I soaked in every second we had with my parents, in my childhood home, and being surrounded by my family.

It was a great weekend, and I love trips where I can reconnect with what is truly important, relax enough to gain new insight, and come home rejuvinated and with the right perspective.

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Erick and Megan said...

Hi! This is Megan, Erick Johnson's wife. He was companions with your husband on his mission. I was wondering if you could please pass this message on to him? Thank you!
Erick is turning 30 (holy cow) in August. I am putting together a small memory book for him on his BIG day. Could you please email me a favorite story, picture, memory, embarrassing moment, or advice etc etc to add to the book? I think we can make this something really fun for him!
Thanks for all your help!
love, Megan
P.S. This is a secret so only send them to me!