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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making Fun Happen

I love how sometimes the simple things in life can end up being the most fun. You just have to make the fun happen. The ladies in our neighborhood know how to do just that!
Who needs Disneyland, when you can have this!
A HUGE homemade waterslide, lots of water and dish soap.

It ended up attracting almost every kid in the ward. Check out the line!

A nice lady that lives on that hill decided to set up a little stand and hand out drinks of soda to the kids. It was a hit!

Some of the "older children"..aka moms, went down the slide as well. It looked so fun. I was so tempted, but I kept imagining myself getting all out of control and breaking my foot even worse. So I just enjoyed watching my kids have fun and basked in the conversation and the company of good people.
Mary decided to go backwards and head-first.

Sam just loved the speed.

It was a huge success, and I learned that it is actually a neighborhood tradition. Love it!

Earlier this week, there was also a neighborhood talent show for the kids.
Sam didn't want to participate, but he did draw a picture to show.
Mary and a bunch of kids that were in kindergarten this year did an adorable song that they learned at school. Tony Chestnut.
Sam decided to get up on stage with them for a while.
It was such a great idea and again, it was a great success.

I love it when people make fun happen. I will do better myself.

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