My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Meet Buster.

Everyone say hi to Buster.

Buster is my friend, kind of. He took some getting used to.

Buster is here to stay for another 3-6 weeks.

Buster can get really hot.

Buster is very bulky and likes to bonk my other ankle when I walk. Ouch.

Buster gave me a reason to buy new flip flops! I had to get ones with a good size heel, so I could walk evenly. Buster is very tall. I only wear the right foot flip flop (say that ten times fast), but the left one is patiently waiting.

Buster is heavy, so is William. The two combined are super heavy.

Buster has a cool pump thingy I can push to let him hug my foot tighter. My kids like to push the pump.

He also has a neat knob that I turn to release his hug on my foot. That is fun too.

Buster is making me better...hopefully.

Buster likes to step on my kids toes, without me knowing it. Bad buster.

Buster made my foot and leg ache really badly for a few days.

Now buster makes my foot feel good!

I didn't like buster at first. Buster was not invited to my party.

Buster doesn't like to run. Buster only likes to sit and snuggle with my foot.

Buster is good though.

Buster doesn't let my foot get hurt anymore.

Buster makes sure I walk slowly, or else he will trip me or hit my other foot. Silly, slow, Buster.

Buster lets me do the elliptical...good buster!!!! He sure makes it awkward. I will take what I can get though.

Buster lets me ride a stationary bike, but every once in a while, he likes to slip off the pedals. My shorts caught on the seat yesterday when this happened. I am sure the dude behind me got a nice show.

Buster is making me weaker in muscle, but stronger in determination and spirit.

Buster is a good conversation starter. Everyone wants to know why buster is here. I am not fond of that conversation, or the inevitable, "And that's why I don't run," comment EVERYONE seems to say. Excuses, excuses. Give me a break, oh wait, I already have one.

People get hurt in every sport. If you do something long enough, no matter what it is, your odds of injury go up. It is part of the game. And yes, IT IS WORTH IT TO THOSE OF US WHO DO BACK OFF!! Everyone does something that they know may hurt their body in some way, but they still do it. Would you walk up to a heart attack victim and say, "and that's why I don't eat Twinkies." Hello!

The price of a stress fracture, compared to a healthy body, heart and lungs, is a no brainer to me. I will take a stress fracture now and then. If you don't want to run, then don't run. Just don't blame MY stress fracture, on YOUR reason not to exercise. You bet your sweet bippy that the day this thing is off, I will be back on the road.

um, anyway...uh, where did that come from???

I have accepted Buster and the good he is doing for me.

I am learning to work with Buster instead of against him.

When I work with him, he lets me walk faster and he lets me use him to hold doors open, scoot the dog over, entertain William, hold my credit card, add a few inches to my height, and try new things.

Good Buster. I do like you, but lets face it, this needs to be a short term relationship, please.


Familia Morales said...

Loved this post! You'll be out there on the pavement again soon enough.

Colleen said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your injury! I am sure it is so frustrating, but I am glad you have a good doctor who is going to fix you right up and get you running again. It sounds like you are getting annoying comments on your injury, people are so weird! Hang in there!

Jessica said...

Haha, that's awesome.

I can relate to your odd comments somewhat. when I called the insurance for this weird thing on my heel, I said to the guy, "It makes it really painful to run" to which he replied, "Oh then don't run"


Jenni said...

Buster seems like a nice fellow. His heart seems to be in the right place. I hope his stay isn't long and that he finds a new residence soon. P.S. you crack me up! The whole post brought me giggles!

erin d. said...

Oh my gosh your rant cracked me up! So true! PS: I would love love love love loooove your help with finding some sort of an exercise regiment that would be right for me with my weird body stuff. Email me if you have time/are interested! I am excited for you and I know you will do great with your studying and your Personal Trainer test. You are made of strong stuff and accelerate in anything you tackle. No one can keep down the Babe-o-licious Becky not even Buster, he's just another stepping stone on your way to greatness. I admire and envy your drive, desire and spirit in all of this. You are fantastic.

Becca said...

This was great! Loved it. You're such a trooper. said...

The twinkie comment is classic! So true, I hope I didn't offend you at the reception when I told you we were talking about a stress fracture last marathon and then you got one? I am still nursing my knee from my miles and miles of pounding the pavement. It is a slow healing process, but in the mean time, I love my cross training! Hang in there pen pal