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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, June 14, 2010


I looked at the calendar last night, and kind of freaked. 4 weeks until the move. Where has time gone! Yikes! It kind of put me into a "get it done" mode. Hence, a lot of blog posts coming fast, because I won't have much time for blogging this next month. I am trying to catch up now.
With the new baby, packing, cleaning, collecting boxes, swimming lessons, weddings, reunions, ect., there is just so much to get done in a short amount of time. There is a lot to do, but when you throw an infant into the picture, the lack of sleep, and all of the demands that brings, it can get really nuts. I am trying to stay calm though, and take things one step at a time. Easier said than done, but I am trying. Thank goodness for mothers. Jolene (Ben's mom) is here now and she is saving our bacon!

Now for the post.

I am so dang emotional right now when the topic of friends comes up. Blame it on the postpartum hormones, but reality is, the clock is ticking. We move a month from today. I truly can't even let myself go there. The goodbyes, the memories, the things I will miss, ect. Living here in the Springs, I have had the best friends I have ever had since I have been married. We have all been through so much together. They are my family, my girls, my support, my comic relief, my go to's, my shoulders to cry on, my happy times, my tender mercies. They have truly been the hands of God in my life. It is too much for me to think too hard about it. So for now, I will just post pictures in order to stop myself from becoming a blubbering, crying, snotting mess. That will all come soon enough.

This picture was taken on Saturday. We were celebrating a lot of June Birthdays, two baby births, and saying some goodbyes for three of us that will be moving soon. I love these girls so much. It was a wonderful get-away and it was perfect timing. It is always so much fun hangin' with the girls. Thanks gals!

My mom got some great pictures while she was here. And I just have to post them. Some of William, some of Mary and Sam, and some of us. Mary and Sam are the best of buddies and some of the pictures show that. Yesterday they played with each other for almost 5 solid hours. It was awesome. It is so fun to sit and watch them hang out together. I am so glad they love eachother so much. William will join the mix soon.

William was born with a "skin tag." I had never heard of it before. It is basically a piece of skin that grew by his ear. It is nothing to worry about or anything. I actually thought it was pretty cute, but I am sure Will wouldn't appreciate it later on in life.
The doctor said that when William was circumcised, he would take care of the skin tag as well. Fun day for Will.
They basically tied a piece of string around it, as tight as they could, and now we wait for it to fall off. It turned red, then white (as seen in picture) and now it is black.

It doesn't seem to hurt Will at all. The doc said the nerve's would be blocked off, so he wouldn't feel it, and I guess he was right. It sure looks sore though. I felt horrible for poor William, skin tag and circumcision all at once. We went to the office next door and plugged our ears while they were doing it all. I bit my tongue trying not to cry at the thought of what was going on in that room. All is well though, and he was done crying by the time we got home.
So this week, we wait for things to fall off. His umbilical cord (which came off today!), his skin tag, and his little circ. ring. Then he can get a real bath! Hooray!!!!

"The Good Neighbors"
Last, but not least, the Fortin's a.k.a. The good neighbors. We have been very blessed to continue to see them every once in a while since they moved, but it is still not the same as having them right next door. We feel so empty when we look over the fence at their empty house. ugh They have been the best of friends and our friendship with them is one that will be forever. We just know it. We don't plan on miles or distance hurting our friendship.
We took these pictures on our last day with them. I LOVE these pictures. They tell it exactly like it is. Mike and Ben laughing their heads off. Mary and Tyler holding hands (headed to California to get married) and Sam joining in the fun. Oh the memories...good times. I am so grateful for them.


Kristen said...

We moved last year when my baby was 2 weeks old. Emotionally I would never do it again, especially since I didn't want to move, but I did learn that what I thought was impossible isn't.

Also another crazy thing, my baby had a skin tag as well and they just tied it off in the hospital, it didn't even phase her.

Good luck on the move and sorry for such a long comment! William is adorable as are Sam and Mary

erin d. said...

Uh ya... Will = 100% Maynard Baby. Nuff said. Okay and I'll add that he's stinkin' cute!

Mama Bear said...

Good friends are so necessary in this world. Thank goodness for the internet, right. And William looks just like your fam, I can't say from experience, but he sure does in my opinion. Good for you all. And good luck moving, it is such a hard thing. Can't wait for you to get all settled in, that is when the move gets fun.

Colleen said...

It's too sad to talk about friends moving! You are going to be missed here so much! And can I just say that William is ADORABLE! He looks just like a Maynard baby!