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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sorry if you are all sick of hearing about running. It is basically all I am doing right now. I have to, I am right in the most crucial, but most demanding part of training. It is nuts! I eat for fuel to run, sleep for energy to run, and run to able to run longer.
5 weeks left! Yippee!

Obviously the weather is getting colder here, so on my runs I layer up. After a few miles, I start shedding layers. I normally place my extra clothes in secret hiding places (under bushes, behind fences, ect.)
WELL, on my long run last week, I did just that. I wore my FAVORITE pants ever and when I got too hot, I hid them on a fence and just ran with my shorts and sweatshirt. When I got hot again, I shed the sweatshirt and was warm enough to run in the usual shorts and t-shirt. No worries, no more shedding after that.
Normally, on my way back home, I pick up my clothes and tie them around my waist. This time however, I was so delirious..literally, and so sick (the cold/sinus infection I STILL have), I completely forgot about my clothes.
I didn't even remember them until a few days later...I freaked out for a while, then I forgot again!!! I think I am beginning to loose my mind. All of the blood in my body is in my legs from running too much. None left for the brain. Not good.

I finally remembered last night and we took off in the dark to try to find my favorite pants in the whole world, and my sweatshirt. We drove up and down research in the dark with no luck. And I could not remember where I had put my sweatshirt. Again..back to the no blood in the brain thing. I was soooooooooooo sad!
When we got home, I remembered where I had placed my sweatshirt, so we went back and there it was! (Thanks Ben for putting up with my brain farts.)Yippee! That was a relief, because it is non-replaceable. It is a sweatshirt I got at BYU-Idaho for doing a midnight 10k. Good memories. pants were not where I had left them. I am so bummed! I loved those pants! I saved for a few months to get them and I have taken such good care of them. I planned on wearing them to and from the marathon in the car because they are so comfortable and because they are my good luck charm. am I supposed to run a marathon without my good luck charm. Dang!
Anyway....I want my pants back!

They looked just like these, but the Adidas stripes were a different color. (sniff,sniff)


Familia Morales said...

What a bummer!

Colleen said...

So sad! I definitely think the long runs make you brainless. I have some fave clothing items too, and would be so devistated to lose them. Sorry!

Jessica said...

Such a sad pant story! Time for another Mary Kay party to get some more! ;)

J&E said...

Bummer! DId you check the lost and found? That always worked for me in Elementary school :o). Hope your pants find you!