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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, March 12, 2017

valentines day

Valentines Day was a fun one this year for us.
The boys all had Valentine parties at school, so they were excited! 
I made them red heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, and put chocolates under their plates. 
I also had to tease the boys a little and get them all squirmy and grossed out by asking them about girls they wanted to give Valentines to.  It was great.
In the end, I just made them all ask me to be their Valentine, and sent them on their way.

William at his class party

Sam with his homemade valentine box
Mary's school didn't do any sort of Valentine parties or anything, but I guess the thing to do now, for her age group, is to ask someone to be your Valentine.  It is kind of code for "I like you."

All week long Mary was telling me the low down on which boys were asking which girls to be their Valentines, and who was crushing on who.  It was very entertaining, in a Saved By The Bell sort of way.

I asked Mary if there was a boy out there that she was wishing would ask her to be their Valentine.  She told me that she just like Jett still, a neighborhood boy, but that he was way too cool and kind of shy to ever do something like that. 

She wasn't sad or anything, just matter of fact.

The day before Valentines day, when Mary walked in the door after school, she had a crazy look on her face.  I couldn't tell if she was ready to laugh, cry, scream, faint, throw up, or what.

She then told me that on the way home from the bus stop, Jett had built up the courage to ask Mary to be his Valentine.  That was the look...Mary was, dare I say....flustered and little bit flattered.
The actual story is totally adorable, and pretty hilarious. 

I guess Jett normally walks with Mary until he gets to his house.  On this day though, he passed his house and kept walking with Mary.  He then slowed down and started breathing really heavily.  Mary said she asked him if he was ok.  She said he looked like he was going to hyperventilate or pass out.  Oh, the poor boy!
 He then stopped walking, so Mary stopped too.
He then took in a huge breath, and slouched his shoulders and hung his head down. Basically like a deflated balloon.
Then, he mustered up all of the 12 year old courage he could, squared up his shoulders, lifted his head, and very quickly asked Mary to be his Valentine.

Mary said "sure," Jett said, "cool, " and then he turned and immediately walked home and shut the door.

That poor boy probably slid down that door into a huge relieved puddle on the floor after that.


Young love!

It's the cutest.

Mary and I spent that evening picking out a gift for Jett.  It couldn't be "too lovey", red, have hearts on it, say anything about love, and it had to be cool and casual.  Good grief.  That is REALLY hard to find on Valentines Day.

We finally picked out a really cool insulated mug, a coke, and a candy bar.

On Valentines day, Jett texted Mary and said he would bring her gift over later.  He was too embarrassed to bring it to school.  Mary was thrilled, because she was finding every excuse she could think of not to bring his gift to school either.  What the?!?!?
gummy bracelets for her friends...and Jett's gift in the bag.

After school, Jett came over, with another friend, and basically threw Mary's gift to her.  She just slammed his gift quickly into his hands as well.  They quickly set the gifts aside, and went right on hanging out as if nothing had just happened.

It was astounding to watch...and hilarious.  I was cool though.  I kept a straight face, and didn't say a word.  It was so great to watch though.

Oh, the awkwardness of it all.

I gave Ben chocolates, he gave me chocolates and flowers.
The boys came home with hoards of chalky nasty candy hearts, and enough fun dip to keep them sugar crazed for the duration of the week.
Mary was love struck, in a weird,cute 12 year old way,
and Molly was oblivious to it all, and just happy to have suckers for days.

It was a day well spent.

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