My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I have this really cute little secretary type desk/table in the family room.

I saw it at the sore a few years ago, and save up my money for it.  It is so cute, and it is the style I like.  It is very much a big piece in our family room that I like to display and cover with cute family pictures.  I NEVER intended to use it for what it was actually made for.  Nope, just strictly decoration.  That is me for ya.

As with pretty much everything that I buy to look at, and not to use (like our d├ęcor pillows on the couches), my children quickly show me that things are to be used, not just admired.  I beg to differ, but I am completely outnumbered!

Basically, William has claimed one drawer, and Luke has claimed the other.  The cram, and I mean CRAM all of their "special" things into this one drawer, and somehow expect no one else to ever open the drawer, or get into their stuff.

They have also claimed the desk part of the desk now, so the thing is completely FULL of "special" clutter.

If you know me, even a tiny bit, you know that I despise clutter.  I hate it.  Oh, I loathe it.
But that's a post for another day.

So, my cute little secretary desk has been hijacked, to the fullest.

The killer is that these items that the boys have stuffed into my "desk that was only to be seen not used," have the same rules for their toys that they placed in the desk by breaking the very same rule of mine.

ooohhhh, deep.

Molly knows that she is not allowed to get into these special drawers with the boys special stuff in them, and she is really good about it...when the boys are home.

The second we get back from dropping Luke off at the bus though, this is what happens. Every.Single.Day.

Molly pulls the drawers open

oh the clutter!!!!
 Molly then takes each item out, one by one, and lines them all up on her trampoline.
She will continue to go through each and every item in William's drawer, and then move on to Luke's.

She is very careful with everything, but oh the joy and the thrill she gets!!!  If the boys only knew!

Sometimes, she invites her little buddy Beckham over, and they relish in the victory together.
About 10 minutes before it is time to go get the kids from the bus stop, I will tell Mary that we are going to get in the car.

She immediately, and in a complete panic and rush, will start putting everything back in the drawers.

Somehow she knows exactly what things go into what drawer.  She even knows where the items were in each drawer!  It is amazing and so hilarious!

She then closes each drawer.

She will do a quick walk around to make absolute sure she put everything away.

Then we get in the car, pick up the boys, Molly flashes her sweet little smile, gives her cute little hugs to her brothers, and the day goes on.

Molly and the boys will play the rest of the day, without Molly so much as even glancing at the drawers.

Oh...if they only knew.

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