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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, March 12, 2017

sammy boy turns 10

On Feb. 20th, my big eyed, big cheeked, soft hearted, fun loving Sammy Boy hit the double digits.  He turned 10.

I don't know how it happened, but it did.  Time is such a crazy thing.  For real.

Since it was an even number Birthday, Sam got to have a Birthday Party.

And boy, did he ever have a Birthday Party.

Sam really wanted to have his party at Nickel City. 
I had never been there before, but Sam had, and he loved it.
It is an arcade where the tokens only cost a Nickel.

So, I called the place, and reserved a party room, and purchased the party package.

Sam was more excited for his Birthday than he was for Christmas Day this year.  It was so cute!

To top it off, grandma JoJo and grandpa Lonnie came by to visit for a few days, so they were able to be there as well.  Pretty awesome surprise!

We piled all of Sam's friends and our families into three separate cars and blasted down the Canyon to Nickel City.

It did not disappoint!

It is definitely a dream come true place for a 10 year old.  In fact, all of my kids loved it.

I was a little weirded out with the whole arcade, creepy, dirty vibe of the place, but that did not deter Sam or his friends one bit!

Shae Bennett, Ethan Hubbard, Trey Cherry, Sam, Jace Phillips, Blake Sweat, Luke, William, Mary, Molly

Everybody got 40 tokens to play games with, and you could also earn tickets from the games.  With the tickets, you can purchase prizes at the end.

Since Sam was the Birthday boy, he got to spin this big wheel, and earn a ton of tickets!  He was thrilled!
creepy, just so creepy.  Glad Sam had fun though!

the Birthday wheel
Sam and his friends were also able to play a lazer tag game.  William was able to join in on that one.  That was by far the highlight!!!  It was actually so cool!  Mary played too, and kept on talking about how much fun it was.

The best part of the whole evening was watching Sam.  He was grinning not stop, the entire night.  His face was so lit up. 

That, more than anything, is what a Birthday is all about.  Sam felt loved, special, happy, excited, and worth all of the attention he was getting.

We ended up being there for hours! 

Luke kept playing one game over and over again, and he finally hit the jackpot!  He was giggling and giggling and giggling as the tickets kept coming out.  It was adorable!

Sam opened his presents in the party room, where we also sang to him and had his cake (dirt and worms).

It was a busy, high energy day, but it was worth every minute of it.

Sam is turning into such a great kid.  He is very kind and caring to his friends and to his siblings.  He loves to play.  He would play all day with his friends if we let him.
He is really into scouting, RC cars, nerf guns, slime and soccer.
His best friend is Blake Sweat, but he has a huge group of boys that he plays with all the time.  He is a great friend.
I love my Sammy Boy so much.  He is something special, and he has so much to offer the world.

Happy 10th Sam!

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