My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

reunion time

Good grief!  I don't know what else to say.

My blogging has completely gone down the tubes lately!  Geesh!

I definitely need to kick it back into gear, and I plan on it.  I just need another week or so, to get into the groove of kids back in school, fall madness, and sports schedules.  Hopefully, it will be a little easier to find time to blog, with a few less kiddos at home to play with.

So, let's see.

My family had our reunion about three weeks ago.

Leading up to this reunion, I had some serious anxiety about some big issues going on with me and stuff going on with some members in the family.  I had decided not to go to the reunion, in order to spare myself and everyone else from any sort of emotional uproar and to protect myself from being exposed to  any bigger pains and holes in my heart.

As the reunion drew closer, and as I began to open up a little to my parents and to my Heavenly Father, I felt myself getting stronger emotionally and coming to a good place in my heart and mind, where I felt like maybe I could handle some things.  The support and love from my parents helped a lot, and I felt like I at least had a support group behind me and some understanding as well.

After a lot of time on my knees, a priesthood blessing, and lots of pondering and tears, I decided to go to the reunion. 

It was an interesting year for our reunion.  Some could not make it at all, and others had to be on different schedules due to work and plane tickets.  We were all kind of in and out at different times. During the time I was there, I felt like God's hand was right there too.  I felt like those who were there at the time I was, were in a good place, and were supposed to be there in order for the peace and harmony to abide, that was extremely important at the time.

Although nothing was talked about, or cleared up, no apologies were said, and no deep issues were discussed, I came home feeling love and peace for some people, that I have not felt in a very long time.  When I think about these people, I no longer feel sick to my stomach, and want to cry out of pain and despair for relationships destroyed.  I feel like there was a spirit of peace and understanding at this reunion, that allowed for some very pivotal baby steps to be made, in the right direction.  I felt the huge wounds in my heart begin to try to heal a little, and I felt a big weight begin to lift.

I know that Heavenly Father was by my side, and that he was also with all of us at the reunion, providing peace, happiness, fun, and harmony to abide. 

I was actually sad when I got home after the reunion.  It surprised me a little. I realized that I missed the spirit that was there with me, helping me along, and the peace that I felt.  Family is so important.  It is one of God's greatest gifts, and one of Satan's greatest forces to attack.  It's no wonder the struggle has been so real.

That being said, here are some of the highlights of the reunion.  We seriously had a blast!!!  One thing we can always count on when hanging out with my family...there will never be a shortage of fun, water, and food.

My baby girl.  LOVE this picture.

sand castles

This has been Williams year with water.  He has turned into a fish!  He played on this tube non stop, when he wasn't on it behind the boat.

Mary and Kelsey...FINALLY together again.  Aunt Kelsey needs to move closer!

I honestly have no idea what that is, but it must be pretty cool.

Jack and William...cousins.

Could not get these two out of the tube.  They loved it!!!

Mary and Kelsey

I skied my heart out.

Uncle Taylor and the giant wrestling match.

Sweet William.

she cracks me up

oh... my heart!

Giant bowls of sugar cereal are always a big hit at grandma's house!

Uncle Tyler's candy game.

sisters..looking oh so thrilled to be getting a post-boating picture

Sam brought his air soft guns, and amazed us with his sharp shooting.

constant water fights

Uncle Taylor made the ultimate RC car ramp for Sam!

my favorite girls!

my first ever pedicure.  Not at all what I expected.  It killed!  Fun to be with the girls though...doing girl stuff.

William, Luke and I.  Luke just wanted to faster and faster.

We ended the trip with a big boat spin.  Unfortunately, it ended in broken ribs...again.  My poor mom was the victim of it.
Aside from boating, we did camp fires, board games, water fights, I got a good work out in at the gym, and we just had fun together.
I love my family.

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