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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

And...because I am slacking so badly in the blogging department, here is a cluster of pictures from my phone the past little while.
I will be better after this...promise. 
My and my snuggle buddy, William.

  Sam, Luke, Drew, Ezra

Molly feeding her baby.

Luke and Boston doing one of MANY bike races

watching for Daddy to come home

JoJo and grandpa came for a visit.  We squished in as much play time as possible.
 Grandma JoJo took the kids on all sorts of fun outings.  They got snow cones, played at Deer Creek Reservoir, went toy shopping, and went to a movie. No wonder the kids shout for joy when they hear JoJo is coming!
Grandma JoJo took the kids to see a movie in Park City.  Right at the end of the movie, the fire alarm went off for some weird reason.  They had to evacuate the theater, and the firemen were called.  Luke was THRILLED!!!  According to JoJo, Luke got to sit in the truck, and see a fireman up close.  Made his whole day.

We do weekly snow cone/Quench It runs on Friday.  Sometimes we bring friends along.  Jett got brave and bought a large!  It was HUGE!  The poor kid only made it about half way through.

Luke and his buddy Luke Phillips.  They were quite the "bad guys."

We went to the Mountain Valley Stampeded Rodeo a couple weeks ago.  It was awesome!!!  The kids loved the parashuter that came down with the flag, the motorcycle jumper, the bull riders, and of course, Molly LOVED the "neighs."  The rodeo ended with a firework show.  We love rodeos!

I glanced over at William during the National Anthem, and saw this.  He cracks me up.

Getting in my baby squishes every chance I get.

Luke's outfits never cease to amaze me!  This kid is creative!

baby bums in swim suits.....priceless!

Our friend Ben (snake) , from college days, came in to town with his family.  They spent a Thanksgiving with us in Colorado Springs, and we had an absolute blast!  They are definitely some of our favorite people.  It was so great to spend some time with them.  Some friendships never matter the time or the distance.
While we were in Idaho for my family reunion, Ben drove up to Pomerell for a day to do a downhill bike race.  He totally rocked it and came away with 2nd place!!  He pretty much rocks.
The kids and I tried out a new pool last weekend in Lindon.  It was awesome!!  It was cheap, not crowded, and had something for everyone.  Why couldn't I have discovered this months ago!! Boo!
It had a flow rider, and Mary and Sam and their friends Jett and Blake, spent the entire time on it.  It was awesome!


watching and laughing

Me, and the three babies, spent the entire time in the lazy river and going down the waterslide.


Sam and his friends made up the "Derby Down the Driveway."  Basically, they get skateboards, put boxes on them, and attempt to fly down the driveway, while crashing into eachother.  It is hilarious!!! 

In other news....we seemed to have gotten in the habit of losing Molly's bottle over and over and over again.  That was fun.
So...this last time, I just said, "that's it."  Molly has not had her bottle since, and she is actually doing really well.
It is pretty weird not having bottles around the house, after 11 years.  It does give me a little pang of sadness, but at the same time, good riddance to those things!

And, that's a wrap folks!

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