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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

storm soccer

Sam had his first season of club soccer.  He played for STORM. 

The season started out rough for everyone.  The team lost their first three games of their tournament miserably.  They were completely slaughtered!

Due to vacations, Sam missed the first few weeks of practice, so he didn't know his team or his coaches, and he was behind.

He hated going to practices, and he felt like the worst one on the team.  He shed a lot of tears and we had a lot of frustration!

We almost pulled Sam out, but we decided that it would be a great opportunity to teach Sam to finish what he starts, and to be a team player.

One week, everything changed!  Sam had a great practice, the coaches were complimenting him, and his team, as a whole, was quickly learning team work.  From there on out, Sam absolutely loved it. I give all of the credit to his two coaches, who were absolutely wonderful with these boys.

Sam is very small, and doesn't have a lot of experience, so he had room to grow with the sport.

I cannot believe the soccer player Sam now, compared to the soccer player Sam at the beginning of the season!

His team ended up playing the same teams that killed them at the beginning of the season, for their last three games.

His team won every game.

We were all so excited and proud of all of these guys.  They worked extremely hard at every practice, used what they were taught out on the field, and came a long way!  The director of the entire STORM club watched their last game, and told them that they were the most improved team he has ever seen in this club.  It was a huge compliment!

As for Sam, he improved in confidence, speed, playing smart, and agility.  I am so very proud of him for sticking it out, and for learning to love it.  There is nothing like watching him flash us his adorable little grin and he runs out there in the soccer field.

He is already asking when the season starts up again in the spring.

Go Sam Go!

Sam played defense, and he got A LOT of turns throwing the ball in.

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