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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

halloween happenings

Halloween this year was on a Saturday this year, and it was great!

I started the day with the Halloween Half Marathon, and then we all watched Sam's last STORM soccer game.  His team did great, and beat a team that absolutely slaughtered them at the beginning of the season.  It was a fun way to end the season.  Sam did really well, and has improved a ton!

After the game, we came home and carved pumpkins! 

Sam carved his at a friends house, Molly was sleeping, and Ben was running errands, but the rest of us had a fun time.
They were all so proud of their pumpkins!

William drew the face on his pumpkins about 10 times, before it was good enough to carve it out.  He was extremely proud of his pumpkin, and spend a lot of time finding the perfect spot for it on our porch.

Luke had no desire to carve his, aside from the top, so he grabbed every marker he could find, and made this lovely creation.  He was thrilled!

Mary did her entire pumpkin completely on her own.  She made a vampire pumpkin, to match her costume.

After everyone got back home, and Molly woke up, we had a fun dinner of wrapped mummies (hot dogs wrapped in dough), and deviled eggs with spiders (olives).
It was nice to not feel rushed, and to have the whole day to celebrate.  It really kept things fun and calm in our house.
After dinner, it was TIME! 
Unfortunately, Molly's costume never arrived in the mail, so I have no Halloween pictures of her this year.  She wore our adorable spider costume that all of our kids have worn to the ward party, but Halloween night, she just hung out in her favorite fuzzy jammies, and helped me hand out candy.
Here are the other kids though.
the most gorgeous, um, I mean creepy, blonde vampire.

another handsome, I mean terrifying, vampire

the cutest Mario ever!

Luke was a giraffe, but ended up not wearing his costume trick or treating.  It was too hard to hold the darn head up everywhere he went.

Mary and Sam went trick or treating with friends, and came back with a massive haul of candy.  They were all grins when they got home.  Mary and Lydia came here when they were done and sorted their candy and talked about the scary people out trick or treating.  Sam went to a friend's house after and had a movie night.

William and Luke went with Ben, and lasted longer than last year. They came home happy and excited.

Molly stayed home with me, and loved putting candy into people's buckets and bags.  She was so cute!

It was a great Halloween this year!

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