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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, August 10, 2015

re-u, re-u, re-u, reunion

My family reunion was last week.  Not all of us could make it, but my sister and her husband were able to come, and we haven't seen them in a year, so it was awesome!!!

We started it all out at Lagoon!  My kids look forward to this all year, and count down the days to Lagoon.  It did not disappoint. 

Luke and William laughed hysterically on this ride, every.single.time.  They just finished the ride in this picture.

Luke and Eli had a blast together.  They called eachother "buddy" and cracked us up.

the crew

We hardly saw Mary and Sam the entire day.  They did all of the big rides with Kelsey and Taylor. Poor Mary got pretty sick for about an hour, and then went right back out!

These crazies did the sky coaster.

After lagoon, everyone crashed at our house, and we went on a fun hike the next morning.

Later that afternoon, Ben arrived home after work and biking.  He said that he had crashed hard and thought his hip may be broken.

We spent the rest of the evening here.
We went to the InstaCare first, and they ruled out a broken hip. They were concerned about internal bleeding though, so they sent us to the ER.

After a CAT scan, they found that Ben hit so hard that he pushed the air that surrounds your guts, out through the abdominal wall, which created little micro tears in the wall.

Ben ended up staying overnight for observation, and another CAT scan in the morning.

Three members of our ward work in the hospital, so we got to see some friends while we were there.
Thank heavens I had family at home, to help watch the kids.

The next morning, after Ben was released from the hospital, and after a good run at the gym with my mom, we all headed out to 7 Peaks...minus Ben.

I don't have any pictures from 7 Peaks, but it was fun, and I actually got to do some of the slides with William and Luke, while my parents helped with Molly.  Mary and Sam went on all of the big stuff with Devin, Kelsey and Taylor.

My mom and I and the three youngest left early.  We were exhausted.  We grabbed some dinner from "The Junction," my new favorite place here in Heber, and also grabbed some ice cream on the way out from the BYU creamery.  We chilled the rest of the night and waited for everyone else to get home.  We stayed up late listening to Kelsey and Taylors medical stories, and making potatoes for my dads reunion the next day.

Saturday morning, well actually, every morning of the reunion, Sam had a soccer tournament.  I took him one day, my dad took him one day, and Ben was well enough to take him Saturday morning.  It was his first time playing in a game with his new STORM team.  He wasn't really into it, because of all we had going on at home, but he did well and had fun.

Everyone headed to Provo Saturday afternoon for my dads reunion.  We stayed behind so we could watch the parade..and see Mary who was in it.
kids were pretty tired and hot while waiting for the parade to begin, but once it started and candy was flying everywhere, they had a great time!

Luke saw tractors!

Fly Mary Fly!
As soon as the parade, we headed down the canyon to join everyone else at the K&K reunion.  We got there in time for games and dancing.  It was fun to see my cousins, aunts and uncles again, and to bust a move.

After the dance, we headed back home.  Needless to say, we got home and crashed.

Sunday, we headed back to South Jordan for the K&K testimony meeting.  This is always my favorite part of these reunions.  There is a huge power in family with the Gospel.  It is amazing.

We ate a big lunch, said our goodbyes, and the kids and I headed to Pocatello, along with the rest of my family.  Ben had to stay behind for work.

My mom rode with me and the kids, and we had to stop to load up on "go juice" just to be able to stay awake for the drive to Pocatello.  We were exhausted.

We arrived to Pocatello in time to eat dinner and enjoy Bop's burning questions by the fire.  Good way to finish a day.

The next morning, I got up early for a canal run.  aaahh, bliss!

We had planned on boating all day, but the weather was really bad, so we ended up staying in and driving eachother nuts most of the day.  The girls did sneak out for some shopping though, which is always fun!

 Meanwhile, back at the house, the boys kept themselves entertained, and William surprised me with learning to go all the way across the monkey bars!

Coming off of such a big week, the night was quite the train wreck for my kids and I.  We were all overtired.  Once everyone finally did crash though, we crashed hard.

The next day I ran at the gym, and the weather was good enough for boating!!
It was an awesome boating day!

There was a great beach for the kids to play on.  Molly and Lacey liked to eat the sand.

I got to ski on glass!

Mary got up on her first try, and skied forever!

Kelsey is the baby whisperer.  Got both babies to sleep.

Mary and Kelsey

Luke and Eli "buddies"

Molly turned 11 months

Mary and Sam floated out a little too far!

Uncle Devin entertained us all with the tube ride of death!

Molly surprised us all and took her first steps!!  It was a bitter sweet moment, and yes, I cried.

As we all loaded the boat for one final run, it didn't start, so we called it a day.

We all came back sunburned, sore and happy. (and yes, the boat is fine)

After a yummy Mandrin House dinner, we said our goodbyes and headed back home.

I am pretty sure the reunion was a success!  I wouldn't trade it for the world. My heart is full.

Now, I need a nap.

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