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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, August 10, 2015

houston, we have a problem

A couple days ago, I was washing the dishes, and I left the water running in to a pot that needed to soak.  Our water pressure is basically non existent, and has been for a year. I knew it would take forever, so I left for a few minutes to do some laundry. 

When I came back into the kitchen, water was pouring out of the cupboard under the sink, and our wood floor was once again under water.  4th time in 2 years.  I let out a huge groan and called Ben, who called our neighbor to come help.

Turns out that the hose leading to our faucet has a hole in it, and was pouring down under the sink. 
Rock on.
 We had to tear the faucet apart to find the problem.

We ended up calling a plumber to come check out all of our dang plumbing issues we have been having for a long time now.  Enough is enough.  We should be able to flush the toilet and have a sink on at the same time right?  or am I just imagining things? I don't think I have had shampoo completely washed out of my hair in over a year.

The dude was here for 15 minutes before he declared that our plumbing is a piece of crap.  Yeah, I could have told him that.

Basically, our pressure valve is completely broken, which in turn broke our regulator, which in turn is loosening and breaking our pipes, which in turn broke our sink hose.  Dominoes anyone?!?!

Oh, and the best part, all of these broken parts are supposed to last a minimum of 25 years...we have been in our house 2 years.  Anyone else banging their head into the wall yet???

So, 4 floods, a broken sink, and 2 broken valves later, we FINALLY have water pressure and normal plumbing again, and the people who did our plumbing better get used to hearing from us, because we have A LOT to say.

Well, we almost have normal plumbing again.  Until the faucet part we ordered gets in, our sink looks like this.

If you turn the water on too fast, the hose flies up and sprays water all over your face.  I forget this at least once a day.  It is great...just great.

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