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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, June 22, 2015

utah citizenship

At the beginning of the school year, Mary's teacher told the kids about an award they could earn.  It is called the Utah Citizenship award.  It was optional, and it required a lot of work.

Mary and her friend Lydia decided to go for it.  The worked hard, all year long to meet the 32 requirements, worksheets, maps, county memorization, and book reading sections.  They did this completely on their own.  I did not help with one thing.

Not only did they do this completely on their own, but the worked on this every lunch recess in the classroom.

That is some serious determination!!! 

At the end of the year, the 4th grade had a talent show.  Mary's teacher asked me to come, because that is where she would present the Utah Citizenship awards.

I packed up William, Luke and Molly, and we headed over to the school.

I was shocked that Mary did a group dance in the talent show.  I had not idea.  She is full of surprises!

At the end of the talent show, Mrs. Foy (Mary's teacher) got up and talked about what it took to earn the award.  The more she talked about it, the more proud I was of Mary.  It was A LOT of work!!!

Only 3 kids in the entire 4th grade ended up doing it.

She then presented Mary with her certificate and a ton of different prizes and gift certificates.

Mary and her best friend Lydia

The three Utah Citizenship award winners

This was a huge accomplishment, and I was so incredibly proud of Mary for putting in the hard work and determination all on her own.  What a way to end 4th grade!  Way to go Mary girl!

On our way out of the school, a fire truck pulled in.  It was also field day, and as part of field day every year, a fire truck comes and sprays the kids.

Luke literally froze mid-step when he saw the fire truck.  He did not move a muscle for almost 5 minutes!
his hands were truly frozen mid air..with his cars in them.  He did not move!

 William was really excited too, so we stayed and watched the firemen move the ladder up, set up the hose, and use all sorts of buttons and gadgets on the truck.  It was really, really cool!  I thought William and Luke would explode out of excitement, (once Luke came out of his trance).

Pretty good day I would say!

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