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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, June 22, 2015

miss molly grace...9 months

Molly turned 9 months old about 2 weeks ago, but I have put off blogging about it.  I guess I just figured that if I didn't actually say it, it wouldn't be true.

It is so incredibly hard for me to have her growing so fast!  I have had a hard time since she turned two weeks old...and I thought that was bad!  geesh.   I have a serious case of "last baby syndrome."

Her is our little miss Molly Grace.

She has developed in all sorts of ways the past month.

The biggest one is that she stands and walks along our furniture.  She LOVES to stand.  She would stand all day if her little chubby legs could handle it.

trying to maneuver around the mats at Heber Handspringers while big sister practices for Nationals.
She still loves her bouncer, but she is crazy in it, and we have to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.  She jumps so hard and so high, and she just laughs her head off!

She eats pretty much anything, as long as it is small enough for her to swallow.  She has her two top and two bottom teeth, but she can't exactly chew extremely well yet.
Her favorite is watermelon (just like her sister).  She also likes scrambled eggs, rits crackers, rice, waffles, and any crumbs she finds on the floor after dinner.  :)

She had her very first sucker the other day and was in heaven.
She is very verbal.  She mimics us the best she can.  Of course, she isn't saying words, but she can copy us pretty well.  She is also the queen of growling.  It is gut laughing funny!  She usually does it if she is mad, but sometimes she just does it to do it.  It is the most hilarious growl ever.

She also started little mini tantrums.  Unfortunately for her, we don't take them very seriously.  She doesn't really either.
She has started this adorable smile where she scrunches her face and her eyes.  It is to die for!  Oh man, it is darling!

She hates sleeping.  Once she is asleep, she is fine, but getting her to sleep is torture.  She fights it to no end.  She is so curious, and all of the kids are home for the summer, so there is always something way more interesting than sleep going on.  When she does finally crash though, she crashes hard!

She loves to play in the pantry.  It is her currently her favorite place to play.
straw anyone?

where's Molly?

The other day, I was scrubbing her cradle cap off of her scalp.  I finally got a lot of it off, and her hair fell into a perfect little curl right on top of her head!  It was so stinking cute!  I immediately got the hairspray and sprayed that thing stiff!  It is adorable!  Ok, pretty much everything about Molly is adorable to me. 

She has gorgeous brown skin.  We are still shocked with her dark hair and complexion, but dang, it is so pretty, especially with her deep blue eyes!  We went swimming the other day, and everyone ended up getting a little burned, regardless of lots of sunscreen.  As I was home surveying everyone's sun burns, I looked over at Molly.  There she sat, not burned at all, with this beautiful, brown, perfectly tanned skin.  Lucky girl!!!!  

She has this laugh/noise she does where she sounds like a dolphin.  She does it often, and we now call her our brown dolphin.  The name kind of stuck.  So now she is our little brown dolphin. Sorry Molly. 

We love you so much Molly Grace.  You light up our world, and everyone's world a round you. Thank you for coming to us.

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