My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

someday i may look back and laugh...someday


Wake up at 6:30am with Luke.  Others wake up at 7:30.

Breakfast, pack snacks, pack stroller, pack bottle, pack towels, pack kindle, pack gym leotard, pack kids, kiss Ben goodbye and head to swimming.

Drive 20 minutes to Kamas for swimming lessons.

Find out they can't do lessons at same time, as said they could probably do.

Entertain Sam, William and Luke for an hour while Mary has her lesson.  Kindle, food, walking around and around with the stroller, bathroom breaks, chasing after William and Luke to keep them from jumping in the pool, dirty looks from mean people, and so on.

Give Mary her towel, and send Sam and William to their classes.  William screams and doesn't want to go.  Luke is crying in stroller.  Mary is cold and hungry.  Sam is thrilled to be in the pool.

Williams teacher thoughtfully brought cars, just for him.  She shows them to William, he give us both one last grumpy look and stomps into the pool.  Swiping the car from the teachers hand as he passes by. I laugh..silently.

Get Mary changed into her leotard, fed and settled, while entertaining a tired Luke.

Boys have great lessons.

Dry everyone off and herd everyone and everything out to the car. 

Get a call from Ben. The people we have been waiting for for 3 weeks to trench our yard for sprinklers bailed on us.  This is the 4th time this has happened to us.  Oh, so not happy.

Drive, maybe a little fast, 20 minutes to Park City to drop Mary off at gymnastics.  All of the kids want drinks from the vending machine.  William screams and won't wear shoes.  Luke sleeps in the car.  Sam takes one sip and hates the drink he picked, so he pouts.  I don't buy him a new drink.

I get Mary settled and she meets her new coach.  I worry so much because she just swam an hour and now she is going to 4 hours of an accelerated gym class, first day.  I yearn to watch, but have 3 boys that need to get home.  I give Mary a good luck hug and a thumbs up and herd the boys out the door.

Drive 25 minutes home, put Luke down for nap and try to get work calls done.  Remember there is a neighborhood water party that the boys are begging to go to.  Grab towels, change into swimsuits, grab water guns and run boys to neighbors. 

Come back home, get a phone call.  Someone stole my credit card number and spent over $500.00  Oh great.

Ben calls banks and talks to numerous people.  I call the bank and verify everything.  Finally, it is taken care of.  Oh, did I mention that last month someone stole Ben's credit card number.  Yup.

Try to get some work done.  Nope, Luke is awake and bawling.  He has another ear infection.

Pick up boys from water party.

Change clothes for boys, gather bottle, snacks and crying Luke and put everyone in car. 

Head off to get Mary.

Almost run out of gas and stop at gas station.  Fill up with gas and turn key.  Car won't start.

Spend 45 minutes at a gas station with 3 boys, Luke is bawling, in the heat, with some random dude trying to help me. I start to cry, but somehow stop.  I am a big girl.

William poops his pants and tries to clean it up with his hands.  Luke is screaming.

Go into gas station.  Clean William while holding a squirming Luke, and call Ben, dad, and neighbor for help.

Ben has to leave work early from Salt Lake to pick up Mary in Park City.  An awesome neighbor drives me and kids home.  I almost cry again, but I stop.  I am a big girl again.

Ben has to buy a new battery for our car and install it.  He also has a ton on his plate right now.  Poor guy is pretty strained.

House is a disaster, everyone is hungry, oh, did I mention that our car keys have been missing for 4 days.  We are using the spare.

Make dinner, hold crying Luke, and try to work until Ben gets home.

Eat dinner, house is now beyond destroyed, Ben takes babies to the gym, and here I am.  I need to get work done, do the dishes, switch out the laundry, clean the house, and shower, but for some odd reason, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  I just want to eat ice cream and sleep.


The Maughan-sters said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I would have been crying all day probably, but am proud of you. over the past few months especially, I have found I am way more capable than I ever thought. have your ice cream. I just ate a cupcake, and am deciding on popcorn or double stuff oreos, probably both ;) good luck with the credit card thing.

Familia Morales said...

What a day! You are supermom.

Ally said...

Oh, no! That's pretty bad. I had a terrible day like that once (not that bad though) and I probably did just eat ice cream, lol!

erin d. said...

Do it girl. Do it. I would have cried, or yelled once the poop moment hit. That would have been my tipping point. As Scarlett O'Hara says "Tomorrow is another day". I'm glad you recorded this one. You're the best. Cry tonight, have some ice cream, get some rest, and tackle the day tomorrow. Love you.

Lisa said...

Way to expose a real day to the world!! You are loved and supported from afar! I hope the next day was better!