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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 months!

Luke is three months!  A huge milestone to me when it comes to my babies. 

I always have to tell myself that I just need to make it to three months. (during those nights of waking up every hour and 1/2)  It is the point where I always start to feel more settled and a routine starts up about this time with my babies. It is also the age where SLEEP EXISTS again! Yeeeesssss!

 We made it!

Some fun facts about our sweet Luke Michael.

He is hovering around 11lbs., but that was about a month ago. I am guessing it is more like 12 now. So weird to have a smaller baby, after William.  My back and arms are so grateful.

He finally made it out of newborn clothes! He is a shorty, so the 0-3 month clothes have hung down to his knees until about a week ago.

He started laughing. His giggle will instantly make me happy. It is so cute.

He is very playful. He loves to be talked to, played with, looked in the eye, and tickled. If you catch his eye, he will instantly start wiggling his arms and legs all over and smiling, in hopes of playtime.

He is Sam's baby. Sam adores him, and the adoration is returned. Sam is the only one who can just glance and Luke, and Luke will burst into a huge smile. Sam hugs him all the time and is constantly telling me what Luke needs, when he smiles, when he smells, when he is too hot, too cold, when he is happy, ect. I love that Sam has taken on such a brotherly role.

Luke babbles a lot and blows bubbles.  He has really started chatting it up lately. It is extremely cute.

He takes after Sam in the ticklish department.  All you have to do is touch him, and he gets all squirmy and smiles really big.

His reflux is still pretty bad if we miss a dose of his meds. With the medicine though, he is doing well, aside from lots of spit up at times.

He continues to be a good natured, peaceful little guy. Perfect disposition for the fourth me anyway.

I think I am addicted to my precious baby.

Love you Lukey Luke.

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Lisa said...

He is adorable!!