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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pregnancy Update

I had another OB appointment today, so I thought I should update the blog on the pregnancy.

My appointments are every two weeks, and then after the next one, they will be every week. Wow!

I am in the 8th month and getting so excited to meet this precious boy of ours. I have felt his sweet little spirit close to me a few times, and they have been very tender moments for me.

I look at my little family, and it feels so right to be adding a third boy to the mix. It makes me smile to think of the boys romping around, and Mary leading the way and nurturing them.

He is measuring right on target for his due date the first week of June. He is extremely active and moves all over every time the doctor tries to get his heart beat. It has become a little joke in the office.

He is head down, and getting all ready for his debut in 6-7 weeks.

We still don't have a name. We have a few that we like, but we will wait until we see him before we pick a name.

I am doing well. Of course, I am tired a lot and uncomfortable, but I am still able to take care of the home and family and get to the gym 3 times a week. I consider that a big blessing.

My placenta is still very low, but it has moved 1cm out of the way, so the doc thinks I should be able to deliver without a C-section if all goes well. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

My gallbladder started acting up again, like it did with my last pregnancy. It hurts pretty badly at times, but it isn't quite as bad as last time. I just have to watch what I eat.

I am not going to be induced, even though we don't want him to arrive on his actual due date. I am just going to hope he picks a different day to come, and deal with three Birthdays on the same day if he does come right on time.

I have been induced with the others, and it was fine. All went well, and I have no complaints. Contrary to popular belief, it didn't cause any problems with anything.
This time, I just want to let things happen. There isn't a move, or a trip Ben is going on, or Christmas to worry about this time, so we have no need to rush anything.

Other than that, we are just getting clothes, diapers, blankets, bottles, and all of the baby stuff ready.

The countdown is on!


Colleen said...

I am SO excited for you guys! It is wonderful that everything seems to be moving in the right direction and you are going to be able to deliver without a c-section. Hooray for beautiful, healthy baby boys!!!

runningfan said...

Exciting times! Good luck!