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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mardi Gras Classic!

Mary had her first gymnastics meet as a level four gymnast on Friday. The meet was called the Mardi Gras Classic.
The poor girl was so nervous all day, yet she was very excited too.
I admit, I was nervous for her. I just wanted her to go out there and feel like she
did her best.

And do her best she did!!!
I don't watch Mary practice much, so I haven't seen her in a long time.
I was shocked with how much she has polished everything up.
She looked to sharp, confident and adorable out there.
Ben and I were beaming while watching her, just because we are so proud of how hard
she has worked, how much she has grown, and how far she has come. Gymnastics has been an amazing sport for her in so many ways.

Mary scored a 9.4 on vault and came in 1st place on that event!

The picture is very blurry because I had to take it through a glass door. gggrrrr

She came in 4th on Beam, and 7th on bars.

She did amazing on her floor routine as well.

She was 6th all-around out of 20 or so her in her age group! We didn't expect that at all for her first meet, and were so happy for her.

Her team placed second and they fought hard for it.

The boys were very good sports and did a good job entertaining themselves during the meet.

We were so happy for Mary, but not exactly for the scores and awards.
It was wonderful to see her doing something hard, cheering on her team, learning confidence, and growing in so many ways.

We are looking forward to her next meet in a few weeks.