My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sam is full blown in the question phase. Most of them are about dinosaurs (his true passion at the moment), but we are getting all sorts of other questions as well. He can spend an entire 30 minute car ride asking questions. It is amazing!

It is a phase that I think is great, and it is the phase where I feel dumber by minute and he gets smarter and smarter. ;)

Here are some of the latest.

"Mom, would it hurt a dinosaur if it bit its own tail?"

"Could a Raptor fit through our car window?"

"What does a cloud feel like?"

"What would happen if you ate 500 strawberries? What about 1000?"

"Can a dinosaur bite through bricks?"

"Is a jet faster than a rocket ship?"

"How does a mermaid go to the bathroom?"

"What do dogs dream about?"

"Who as more magic, Jesus or Santa?"

"What is bigger, dinosaur poop or our car?"

"Do we pay for food in heaven, or does Jesus just put the food in the cart for you?"

And with each answer we give him, about 20 other questions emerge.

The hardest part of all....not to laugh hysterically at some of the amazing questions he comes up with. Sam will be a smart little guy.


Familia Morales said...

"How does a mermaid go to the bathroom" Hahaha! What a smart and creative little boy!

Lisa said...

Have you been to the dinosaur museum??