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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, September 12, 2011

Superman Does Triathlons Too!

My kids are absolutely positive that their daddy is Superman, or at least something so cool that he couldn't possibly be human.

Sam is convinced that Ben can pick up boulders the size of our house and throw them. He is also sure that Ben can jump high enough to land on the moon.

The kids are positive that Ben is the fastest runner in the world, and the he can snow ski "as fast as a race car!"

They are constantly asking me things like, "Hey mom, can dad hold his breath for 20 minutes?" or "Hey mom, I bet dad could lift up our whole house."

I always reply, "I am sure he can." I think it is great that my kids think their daddy is the best. I know I sure do.

So, on Saturday, as we watched Ben complete his first triathlon sprint, I knew that he had just moved up to a whole new level of coolness and superness with the kids. As well as with his wife.

Ben has been training hard and has gone "out of the box" with what his normal workout routine is, in order to do this. He improved very fast and quickly adapted to swimming and running (he is already very good at biking). I was impressed!

With abs like that, he has to be Superman.

He rocked it at the triathlon! It was weird for me to be a spectator during an event like this, and it was also kind of nice. It was really fun to watch Ben do something that he has been working towards, and to see him do it well. It was so cool to see so many people, do so many different events. It really is a very well-rounded race to do. It looked HARD! Almost as hard as that bicep. ;)

We all cheered Ben on while he was at the transition stations from swimming

to biking

to running

to the finish line.

He is now contemplating doing an Olympic triathlon. Go Ben go! We are proud of you. And we are happy to have our very own Superman living in our house.


shaina said...

I think that is fantastic. Way to go Ben!

Deanna said...

totally rocks! Go Ben, go!!! and such a supportive wife. :) You rock, too!!!

kendra said...

wow that's awesome! You and Ben are TOUGH!
I miss CO too. I LOVED it there. so so much.

Your new pictures are SO awesome. I love them!

Colleen said...

Amazing job Ben! Those sprint triathlons sound pretty cool. So glad he rocked it!